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All of the following are characteristics of a project EXCEPT:


A.     is managed by consensus

B.     is a temporary endeavor to create a unique product or service

C.     is limited by human and financial resources

D.     adheres to the triple constraint


Correct Answer: A



Which of the following would measure a project’s validity?


A.     Risk analysis

B.     Strategic alignment

C.     Resource allocation

D.     Gantt chart


Correct Answer: B




All of the following are part of the monitoring and controlling process group EXCEPT:


A.     updating the project charter

B.     updating the project management plan

C.     implementing change requests

D.     updating the project scope


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is an activity within the initiation process group?


A.     Controlling the schedule

B.     Creating the WBS

C.     Identifying stakeholders

D.     Controlling costs


Correct Answer: C




At the end of the kick off meeting, team members appear confused and do not understand what is expected of them. Which of the following could have been communicated more clearly during the meeting?


A.     Project goals

B.     Timeline

C.     Roles and responsibilities

D.     < /font>Stakeholder expectations


Correct Answer: C


The project sponsor approaches a member of the project team to request a scope change. The team member makes the change without consulting the project manager. Which of the following steps should the project manager take to avoid unauthorized scope changes in the future? (Select TWO).


A.     Ask the project sponsor to email change requests to the project team.

B.     Submit changes to the change control board prior to implementation.

C.     Tell the project sponsor that changes cannot be made to the project.

D.     Schedule a team meeting to set expectations.

E.      Terminate the team member.


Correct Answer: BD




Several key staff members have worked overtime to complete a project. With the increased overtime, the quality of the finished product has decreased. Which of the following may be the reason for the loss of quality?


A.     Critical path conflicts

B.     Resource overloading

C.     Failure to set stakeholder expectations

D.     Failure to monitor costs


Correct Answer: B




A project was on schedule when three members of the production department were reassigned to another project. Nine interns were assigned to the production department to try to complete the project on time. Although more resources were added to the project, the new interns were unable to maintain the project schedule. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why the project was not completed on time?


A.     The project scope should have been revised to accommodate the resources.

B.     The project schedule was unreasonable.

C.     The resources were overloaded.

D.     The resources lacked appropriate skill sets.


Correct Answer: D





Which of the following techniques can a project manager use to assist with quality planning?

(Select THREE).


A.     Peer review

B.     Critical Chain Method (CCM)

C.     Inspection

D.     Performance Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

E.      Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

F.      Benchmarking


Correct Answer: ACF




Which of the following risk response strategies BEST describes the project manager’s decision to

choose a subcontractor to complete a high probability risk activity?


A.     Avoidance

B.     Mitigation

C.     Transference

D.     Acceptance


Correct Answer: C


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