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Risk identification typically involves which of the following?


A.     Resource loading

B.     Team brainstorming

C.     Team kick-off meeting

D.     Vendor solicitation


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is a type of network diagram illustrated with boxes for activities and

arrows between boxes to show sequence?


A.     PDM

B.     CDM

C.     ADM

D.     CCM


Correct Answer: A




A project manager reviews the effect of a submitted change request against the different sections

of the project plan before presenting the request. The project manager performed a step from

which of the following?


A.     Integrated change control

B.     Schedule control

C.     Performance evaluation

D.     Quality assurance


Correct Answer: A




The project team is recognized for contribution efforts and is officially released from the project

during which of the following stages?


A.     Formal acceptance

B.     Administrative closure

C.     Lessons learned

D.     Transition plan


Correct Answer: B




Reviewing the results of a control chart, the project manager finds the production samples had

results inside both the upper control limit and the lower control limit. Which of the following is

the BEST course of action for the project manager based on this information?


A.     The project manager should identify potential new production teams to obtain different


B.     The project manager should create a report to outline the results for client review and

request a more generous range between limits.

C.     The project manager should stop production until the processes are reviewed in full for

identification of flaws.

D.     The project manager should continue following the existing process, including the measuring

of samples for tracking.


Correct Answer: D




A project manager has a project with staff in four different countries. When generating the

resource management plan, which of the following should be considered FIRST?


A.     Reviewing holiday and vacation schedule with all team members.

B.     Getting the email address of all the employees.

C.     Locating each employee on the map in the office.

D.     Understanding the international country code of all the team members.


Correct Answer: A




During the kick-off meeting which of the following is done?


A.     The project sponsor is able to ask for additional funding from senior management.

B.     The project manager is able to discuss the project timeline and milestones.

C.     The project owner is able to determine the resources needed to complete the project.

D.     The stakeholders are able to discuss their concerns about the project.


Correct Answer: B




The project is running behind schedule because one of the developers has taken an unscheduled vacation. The project manager informs the developer that any further unauthorized absence will result in removal from the project. Which of the following resolution techniques was used?


A.     Forcing

B.     Negotiating

C.     Avoiding

D.     Confronting


Correct Answer: D









During the execution phase of a project, a change request has been approved to add activities to the critical path without altering the schedule. Which of the following techniques will the project manager MOST likely use to deliver the project on time?


A.     B
ottom-up estimating

B.     Rolling wave planning

C.     Resource leveling

D.     Fast tracking


Correct Answer: D




A customer is reporting that the projects deliverables are not meeting the acceptance criteria.

Which of the following documents MOST likely needs to be updated?


A.     Deliverable summary

B.     Quality checklist

C.     Risk register

D.     Resource assignment matrix


Correct Answer: B


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