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During the execution of an assigned task the developer informs the project manager of a missing component. Which of the following should the project manager do next?


A.     Inform the sponsor and have the developer include it in the same task.

B.     Document the change and determine the impact of the modification.

C.     Add the task to the project plan and assign the task to the developer.

D.     Inform the sponsor that the change is out of scope.


Correct Answer: B




A project manager creates a detailed list of costs for each activity involved in the project and then

uses the sum of the individual activities to create the budget. Which of the following cost

estimating techniques was used?


A.     Bottom-up

B.     Expert judgment

C.     Parametric

D.     Top-down


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following estimating techniques is the MOST accurate?


A.     Parametric estimating

B.     Top-down estimating

C.     Bottom-up estimating

D.     Order-of-magnitude estimating


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following could be identified as a main stakeholder in any project?


A.     Upper management

B.     Project team member

C.     Project manager

D.     End user


Correct Answer: C




A team member is not happy to be assigned to a certain project manager’s project. The team

member has been communicating displeasure to the rest of the project team. Which of the

following is the BEST thing the project manager can do to help maintain the integrity of the



A.     Provide training for all team members on interpersonal communication.

B.     Identify the team member’s manager and have the manager speak to the person.

C.     Assign the team member to a task on the project that would make the team member happy.

D.     Sit down with the team member privately and work out any differences.


Correct Answer: D






A quality assurance process should include:


A.     trend analysis

B.     human resource management

C.     continuous service improvements

D.     cost estimation


Correct Answer: C




Administrative closure of a project includes which of the following activities?


A.     Close all contracts.

B.     Create performance reports.

C.     Release project team members.

D.     Obtain a formal sign-off from the project team.


Correct Answer: C




The project manager can use the lowest level of the risk breakdown structure (RBS) to create which of the following documents?


A.     Risk register

B.     Risk checklist

C.     Probability and impact matrix

D.     Risk budget


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following are components of an internal / external communication plan?

(Select Two).


A.     Technology requirements

B.     Communication budget

C.     Distribution list

D.     Stakeholders list

E.      Communication frequency


Correct Answer: CE




Which of the following is the definition of compromising?


A.     Compromising is emphasizing a difference of opinion and not an agreement between


B.     Compromising is ignoring the problem and letting the problem work out without assistance.

C.     Compromising is finding a solution that brings a level of satisfaction to both resources.

D.     Compromising is considered a win-win solution.


Correct Answer: C


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