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Which of the following actions would require a formal project closure? (Select Two).


A.     The project is delayed indefinitely because a required vendor part cannot be delivered.

B.     The project is producing a product that is no longer compliant with new Federal regulations.

C.     The project work is completed.

D.     The project has run out of money.

E.      The project sponsor has become disinterested in the project.


Correct Answer: CD




The lessons-learned activity and formal acceptance documentation form part of which of the

following process groups?


A.     Closing

B.     Planning

C.     Executing

D.     Monitoring/Controlling


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following documents is used when soliciting vendors?


A.     Request for Proposal (RFP)

B.     Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

C.     Statement of Work (SOW)

D.     Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following components is included in a transition plan?


A.     Ownership

B.     Quality metrics

C.     Project budget

D.     Quality baseline


Correct Answer: A




A customer requests that the products quality be reduced to control its cost. Which of the

following actions should the project manager take FIRST?


A.     Modify the project schedule.

B.     Obtain approval for the change.

C.     Reduce the amount of project resources to control costs.

D.     Modify the project budget.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following components are included in a communication plan? (Select Two).


A.     Statement of Work (SOW)

B.     Risk matrix

C.     Frequency

D.     Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

E.      Distribution list


Correct Answer: CE







A project budget has been reduced by 10 percent, but the project has a critical deadline. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to complete the project on time?


A.     Lower the quality standards for the finished product.

B.     Analyze the impact of the change.

C.     Eliminate 10 percent of the projects resources.

D.     Document the approved change request.


Correct Answer: B




Key resources on a project are being shared. The stakeholders are aware of the shared resources and do not expect this to impact the progress of the project. In which of the following should the shared resource be documented?


A.     Quality management metrics

B.     Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS)

C.     Scope statement

D.     Risk register


Correct Answer: D




Several key resources will be unavailable at the end of the project. The key stakeholders want to outsource the project to a third party. Which of the following risk responses is described in this situation?


A.     Risk avoidance

B.     Risk mitigation

C.     Risk acceptance

D.     Risk transference


Correct Answer: D




Several managers are sharing a project team member, which is impacting the progress of both projects. Which of the following BEST describes the situation?


A.     Varying work styles

B.     Schedule variance

C.     Scope creep

D.     Competing resource demands


Correct Answer: D


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