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Which of the following quality control tools illustrates the various factors that may be linked to

potential problems or effects?


A.     Ishikawa diagram

B.     Histogram

C.     Run chart

D.     Scatter diagram


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following risk response strategies involves shifting the negative impact of a threat, along with ownership of the response, to a third party?


A.     Risk transfer

B.     Risk avoidance

C.     Risk sharing

D.     Risk mitigation


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following would be a direct output of the initiating process group? (Select Two).


A.     Project charter

B.     Project management plan

C.     Statement of Work (SOW)

D.     Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

E.      Preliminary scope statement


Correct Answer: AE




Which of the following cost estimating techniques uses previous, similar projects as a basis of

estimating costs for the current project?


A.     Top-down estimating

B.     Parametric estimating

C.     Bottom-up estimating

D.     Analogous estimating


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following tools are used for quality planning? (Select Two).


A.     Cost / Benefit analysis

B.     < font face="Calibri">Network diagram

C.     Benchmarking

D.     Critical Path Method (CPM)

E.      Parametric estimating


Correct Answer: AC




Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is used to get people to face their conflicts directly and work through the issues?


A.     Confronting

B.     Forcing

C.     Compromising

D.     Smoothing


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following shows the number of communication channels for a team with twelve



A.     56

B.     66

C.     72

D.     132

E.      determine vendor resource availability

F.      hold a bidders conference

G.     a list of qualified sellers


Correct Answer: B




The schedule estimates for a particular work package that is underway were not properly

considered and the timescales are too tight. Which of the following methods should the project

manager select to investigate?



B. SPI and SV


D. Issues log


Correct Answer: B




A team member on a project uncovers a minor risk with the quality of a purchased component. The team uses their combined expert judgment to determine that the risk to the deliverable is very low. Which of the following is the MOST likely action the project manager should take?


A.     Issue a change request to the change control board to select a different vendor from the qualified sellers list and request early termination of the current vendor’s contract.

B.     Call a project team meeting to discuss the risk and communicate the issue directly with the project sponsor.

C.     Contact the vendor and request a thorough review of the products architecture.

Document the risk in the risk register, accept it and refer to the agreed vendor contracts for methods of raising the issue with the vendor.


Correct Answer: D




The change control board has requested that a project manager evaluate the impact of a major change request that will affect the timetable of several work-packages. Which of the following actions should the project manager undertake FIRST?


A.     Create a modified version of the project schedule applying the critical path method.

B.     Call a project team meeting to use combined expert judgment to accept or reject the change request.

C.     Create a Pareto chart for the outputs from the specific work-packages identified by the change control board.

D.     Crash the schedule to meet the original deadlines.


Correct Answer: A


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