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The project manager has performed earned value management on a project and determined that the CPI is 1.2 and the SPI is .75. The project is:


A.     over-budget and behind schedule

B.     under-budget and behind schedule

C.     over-budget and ahead of schedule

D.     under-budget and ahead of schedule


Correct Answer: B




A project manager should formally close out a project when:


A.     key project team members are needed to work on other projects

B.     a key stakeholder is satisfied with the project deliverables

C.     the CPI is 1.5 at the midpoint of the project

D.     the project has been terminated unexpectedly

Correct Answer: D




An end user advises the project manager that they will require extensive training to learn how to use the new system that is being developed. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST?


A.     Create an RFP for vendors who can train the end users.

B.     Schedule the necessary training for the end users before the completion of the project.

C.     Analyze the impact of including the training in the project.

D.     Advise the end user that training was not included in the project charter, and another project charter will need to be created.


Correct Answer: C




During the planning phase of the project, a subject matter expert (SME) estimates that one of the tasks identified for the project will take 120 hours to complete. Which of the following actions should the project manager take to make sure the work is scheduled correctly?


A.     Advise the SME that the work must be completed in less than 120 hours.

B.     Consult with others on the team to determine their estimates for the work.

C.     Further decompose the work of the task to no more than 80 hours.

D.     Increase the estimate to ensure work is completed on time.


Correct Answer: C




A project manager needs to determine how much it will cost for a third party to complete certain deliverables and the steps they will take to complete those deliverables. Which of the following should the project manager do to gather this information?


A.     Issue a RFQ

B.     Issue an RFP

C.     Create a WBS

D.     Develop a SOW


Correct Answer: B





Which of the following tools would be used to decompose a project?


A.     WBS

B.     SOW

C.     PDM

D.     WBS Dictionary


Correct Answer: A




The portion of t
he project charter that deals with expected, but not proven, conditions in the project are the high level:


A.     constraints

B.     assumptions

C.     risks

D.     cost estimates


Correct Answer: B




The portion of the project charter that deals with project limitations is the high level:


A.     milestones

B.     constraints

C.     assumptions

D.     risks


Correct Answer: B




Final project acceptance criteria are contained in which of the following?


A.     Transition plan

B.     Project scope document

C.     Project charter

D.     Quality plan


Correct Answer: B



Paperwork related to the project is not being signed in the correct order. The BEST way to correct this problem would be to implement a procedure for managing:


A.     required f

B.     document routing

C.     change

D.     document version control


Correct Answer: B


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