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Which of the following would be contained in the problem statement within the project charter?


A.     The issues that might block a vendor’s success.

B.     The conflict between management and the project vendors.

C.     The issues the customer wants resolved.

D.     The conflict management style that will be used during the project.


Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is the BEST definition of a stakeholder? (Select Two).


A.     Anyone impacted negatively by the project.

B.     Anyone who is in the company where the project is taking place.

C.     Anyone who is interested in the project.

D.     Anyone who negatively impacts the project.

E.      Anyone impacted positively by the project.


Correct Answer: AE




If the EV is $3,000 and the AC is $4,000, which of the following would be the CPI for the project?


A.     .50

B.     .75

C.     1.25

D.     1.75


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following would be the impact upon a project if the CPI for the project is .75?


A.     The project is under-budget.

B.     There would be a 25 percent cost decrease.

C.     There would be a 75 percent cost increase.

D.     The project is over-budget.


Correct Answer: D




If the EV is $3,000 and the AC is $4,000, which of the following is the CV for the project?


A.     -$1,000

B.     $1,000

C.     -$3,000

D.     $3,000

E.      There would be a 25 percent cost decrease.

F.      There would be a 75 percent cost increase.

G.     The project is over-budget.

H.     The project is under-budget.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following are the benefits of a work breakdown structure (WBS)? (Select Two).


A.     It determines the project milestones.

B.     It determines the project budget.

C.     It outlines the communication plan for the team.

D.     It determines the resources required to complete project tasks.

E.      It outlines the statement of work (SOW) for the project.


Correct Answer: BD




When a project ends unexpectedly, which of the following should the project manager do?


A.     Create an end document to add to the file before moving on to another project.

B.     Create a document identifying the negative impact of the early project ending to give to the

customers management.

C.     Perform project close out with full documentation and review.

D.     Perform a limited project close that consists of releasing team members.


Correct Answer
: C




It is important to complete a formal project closure process to: (Select Three).


A.     assure that the customer will work with all vendors in the future

B.     confirm that the stated project objectives were met

C.     confirm that the customer accepts the final deliverables

D.     collect new information to enter into the issue log for further review

E.      assure that the contract is complete and the team members can be released

F.      collect additional scope requirements that need to be entered into the project plan


Correct Answer: BCE






Which of the following would be the benefit of saving a project binder in a centralized location?


A.     Provides an opportunity for another project manager to review the binder and make


B.     Provides an opportunity for team members to review their contributions.

C.     Provides other project managers the opportunity to review the project information.

D.     Provides stakeholders the opportunity to modify the change request forms.


Correct Answer: C




In order to compare a current projects quality to that of a previously completed project, a project manager should use which of the following techniques?


A.     Process improvement

B.     Quality metrics

C.     Benchmarking

D.     Cost-benefit analysis


Correct Answer: C


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