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A stakeholder has indicated that a three phase project must be completed in four months instead of the previously agreed upon six months. It is determined that fast-tracking the project is the only option. Which of the following is a characteristic of fast-tracking a project?


A.     Minimizes risk due to decreased timeline.

B.     Requires planning and execution to be completed in parallel.

C.     Minimizes cost since work is completed in four months instead of six.

D.     Requires rework due to decreased timeline.


Correct Answer: B




The EV of a particular project is $6 million. The CV is -$340,000. Which of the following can be

determined from this information?


A.     The project costs are currently under-budget.

The AC is less than the EV.

C.     The EV is higher than the AC.

D.     The project costs are currently over-budget.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following processes incorporates the make-or-buy analysis?


A.     Procurement management

B.     Risk management

C.     Quality management

D.     Scope management


Correct Answer: A




The method of cost-estimating whereby the costs of the individual work packages are aggregated to form the full cost-estimate is called:


A.     parametric estimating

B.     bottom-up estimating

C.     expert judgment

D.     analogous estimating


Correct Answer: B




A project has a CPI of 0.6. Which of the following would BEST describe the cost-efficiency of the



A.     The costs are currently over the estimates.

B.     The costs and the estimates are about the same.

C.     The costs are currently under the estimates.

D.     The earned value is greater than the actual cost.


Correct Answer: A








In a highway project 5 miles (8 kilometers) out of the total 15 miles (24 kilometers) have been completed. The BAC is $900,000. Which of the following represents the ETC of this project?


A.     $150,000

B.     $300,000

C.     $450,000

D.     $600,000


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following are characteristics of a projects critical path? (Select Two).


A.     The critical path is the longest duration.

B.     The critical path has the least amount of resources.

C.     The critical path is the shortest duration.

D.     The critical path has less than or equal to zero float time.

E.      The critical path has a greater than zero float time.


Correct Answer: AD




A project sponsor has requested that weekly status updates are to be sent by email, detailing the

schedule performance index (SPI) and schedule variance (SV) of the project. In which of the

following documents should these requirements be included?< /p>


A.     Communications management plan

B.     Cost management plan

C.     Project charter

D.     Contract management plan


Correct Answer: A




A key team member is performing poorly on a project. The project manager has verified that the

team member knows the project expectations. The project manager has met repeatedly with this

team member to outline expectations. Which of the following is the NEXT step the project

manager should take to keep the project on schedule?


A.     Ignore the team member’s behavior.

B.     Terminate the team member.

C.     Move the team member to another project.

D.     Request the resource manager’s assistance.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is the BEST way for an organization to obtain qualified vendors?


A.     Use the largest vendors with access to enhanced resources.

B.     Use the vendors with the closest location for easy access.

C.     Use the established vendor approval process.

D.     Use the lowest priced vendors.


Correct Answer: C


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