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Which of the following is an example of an asymmetric encryption implementation?


A.     SHA1

B.     PGP

C.     3DES

D.     MD5


Correct Answer: B




What is the purpose of conducting security assessments on network resources?


A.     Documentation

B.     Validation

C.     Implementation

D.     Management


Correct Answer: B


A penetration tester was hired to perform a penetration test for a bank. The tester began searching for IP ranges owned by the bank, performing lookups on the bank’s DNS servers, reading news articles online about the bank, watching what times the bank employees come into work and leave from work, searching the bank’s job postings (paying special attention to IT related jobs), and visiting the local dumpster for the bank’s corporate office. What phase of the penetration test is the tester currently in?


A.     Information reporting

B.     Vulnerability assessment

C.     Active information gathering

D.     Passive information gathering


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is an application that requires a host application for replication?


A.     Micro

B.     Worm

C.     Trojan

D.     Virus


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is a characteristic of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?


A.     Public-key cryptosystems are faster than symmetric-key cryptosystems.

B.     Public-key cryptosystems distribute public-keys within digital signatures.

C.     Public-key cryptosystems do not require a secure key distribution channel.

D.     Public-key cryptosystems do not provide technical non-repudiation via digital signatures.


Correct Answer: B




What statement is true regarding LM hashes?


A.     LM hashes consist in 48 hexadecimal characters.

B.     LM hashes are based on AES128 cryptographic standard.

C.     Uppercase characters in the password are converted to lowercase.

D.     LM hashes are not generated when the password length exceeds 15 characters.


Correct Answer: D




What is a successful method for protecting a router from potential smurf attacks?


A.     Placing the router in broadcast mode.

B.     Enabling port forwarding on the router.

C.     Installing the router outside of the network’s firewall.

D.     Disabling the router from accepting broadcast ping messages.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following tools will scan a network to perform vulnerability checks and compliance auditing?


A.     NMAP

B.     Metasploit

C.     Nessus

D.     BeEF


Correct Answer: C




The use of technologies like IPSec can help guarantee the following, authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and


A.     non-repudiation

B.     operability

C.     security

D.     usability


Correct Answer: A








A security administrator notices that the log file of the company`s webserver contains suspicious entries:




Based on source code analysis, the analyst concludes that the login.php script is vulnerable to


A.     command injection

B.     SQL injection

C.     directory traversal

D.     LDAP injection


Correct Answer: B


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