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Your company asks you to implement Windows Cardspace in the domain. You want to use Windows Cardspace at your home. Your home and office computers run Windows Vista Ultimate. What should you do to create a backup copy of Windows Cardspace cards to be used at home?


A.       Log on with your administrator account and copy WindowsServiceProfiles folder to your USB drive.

B.       Backup WindowsGlobalization folder by using backup status and save the folder on your USB drive.

C.       Back up the system state data by using backup status tool on your USB drive.

D.       Employ Windows Cardspace application to backup the data on your USB drive.

E.        Reformat the C: Drive.

F.        None of the above.


Correct Answer: D




Company has servers on the main network that run Windows Server 2008. It also has two domain controllers. Active Directory services are running on a domain controller named CKDC1. You have to perform critical updates of Windows Server 2008 on CKDC1 without rebooting the server. What should you do to perform offline critical updates on CKDC1 without rebooting the server?


A.       Start the Active Directory Domain Services on CKDC1.

B.       Disconnect from the network and start the Windows update feature.

C.       Stop the Active Directory domain services and install the updates. Start the Active Directory domain services after installing the updates.

D.      Stop Active Directory domain services and install updates. Disconnect from the network and then connect again.

E.       None of the above.


Correct Answer: C




One of the remote branch offices is running a Windows Server 2008 read only domain controller (RODC). For security reasons you don’t want some critical credentials like (passwords, encryption keys) to be stored on RODC. What should you do so that these credentials are not replicated to any RODC’s in the forest? (Choose Two)


A.       Configure RODC filtered attribute set on the server.

B.       Configure RODC filtered set on the server that holds Schema Operations Master role.

C.       Delegate local administrative permissions for an RODC to any domain user without granting that user any user rights for the domain.

D.      Configure forest functional level server for Windows server 2008 to configure filtered attribute set.

E.       None of the above.


Correct Answer: BD




Company has a server with Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) server installed. Users have computers with Windows Vista installed on them with an Active Directory domain installed at Windows Server 2003 functional level. As an administrator at Company, you discover that the users are unable to benefit from AD RMS to protect their documents. You need to configure AD RMS to enable users to use it and protect their documents. What should you do to achieve this functionality?


A.       Configure an email account in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) for each user.

B.       Add and configure ADRMSADMIN account in local administrators group on the user computers.

C.       Add and configure the ADRMSSRVC account in AD RMS server’s local administrator group.

D.      Reinstall the Active Directory domain on user computers.

E.       All of the above.


Correct Answer: A




Company has an active directory forest on a single domain. Company needs a distributed application that employs a custom application. The application is directory partition software named PARDAT. You need to implement this application for data replication. Which two tools should you use to achieve this task? (Choose two answers. Each answer is a part of a complete solution)


A.       Dnscmd.

B.       Ntdsutil.

C.       Ipconfig

D.      Dnsutil

E.       All of the above


Correct Answer: AB




Company has an Active Directory forest with six domains. The company has 5 sites. The company requires a new distributed application that uses a custom application directory partition named ResData for data replication. The application is installed on one member server in five sites. You need to configure the five member servers to receive the ResData application directory partition for data replication. What should you do?


A.       Run the Dcpromo utility on the five member servers.

B.       Run the Regsvr32 command on the five member servers.

C.       Run the Webadmin command on the five member servers.

D.      Run the RacAgent utility on the five member servers.


Correct Answer: A





As an administrator at Company, you have installed an Active Directory forest that has a single domain. You have installed an Active Directory Federation services (AD FS) on the domain member server. What should you do to configure AD FS to make sure that AD FS token contains information from the active directory domain?


A.       Add a new account store and configure it.

B.       Add a new resource partner and configure it.

C.       Add a new resource store and configure it.

D.      Add a new administrator account on AD FS and configure it.

E.       None of the above.


Correct Answer: A




Company runs Window Server 2008 on all of its servers. It has a single Active Directory domain and it uses Enterprise Certificate Authority. The security policy at ABC.com makes it necessary to examine revoked certificate information. You need to make sure that the revoked certificate information is available at all times. What should you do to achieve that?


A.       Add and configure a new GPO (Group Policy Object) that enables users to accept peer certificates and link the GPO to the domain.

B.       Configure and use a GPO to publish a list of trusted certificate authorities to the domain.

C.       Configure and publish an OCSP (Online certificate status protocol) responder through ISAS (Internet Security and Acceleration Server) array.

D.       Use network load balancing and publish an OCSP responder.

E.        None of the above.


Correct Answer: D




As the Company administrator you had installed a read-only domain controller (RODC) server at remote location. The remote location doesn’t provide enough physical security for the server. What should you do to allow administrative accounts to replicate authentication information to Read-Only Domain Controllers?


A.       Remove any administrative accounts from RODC’s group.

B.       Add administrative accounts to the domain Allowed RODC Password Replication group.

C.       Set the Deny on Receive as permission for administrative accounts on the RODC computer account Security tab for the Group Policy Object (GPO).

D.      Configure a new Group Policy Object (GPO) with the Account Lockout settings enabled. Link the GPO to the remote location. Activate the Read Allow and the Apply group policy Allow permissions for the administrators on the Security tab for the GPO.

E.       None of the above.


Correct Answer: B




ABC.com boasts a two-node Network Load Balancing cluster which is called web.CK1.com. The purpose of this cluster is to provide load balancing and high availability of the intranet website only. With monitoring the cluster, you discover that the users can view the Network Load Balancing cluster in their Network Neighborhood and they can use it to connect to various services by using the name web. CK1.com. You also discover that there is only one port rule configured for Network Load Balancing cluster. You have to configure web.CK1.com NLB cluster to accept HTTP traffic only. Which two actions should you perform to achieve this objective? (Choose two answers. Each answer is part of the complete solution)


A.       Create a new rule for TCP port 80 by using the Network Load Balancing Cluster console

B.       Run the wlbs disable command on the cluster nodes

C.       Assign a unique port rule for NLB cluster by using the NLB Cluster console

D.      Delete the default port rules through Network Load Balancing Cluster console


Correct Answer: AD


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