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You customize the Home Page for a Microsoft Dynamics GP user. What is the maximum number

of columns that you can use on the Home Page?


A.      One

B.      Two

C.      Three

D.      Four


Correct Answer: C




What are two features of the POWERUSER role? (Each correct answer presents a complete

solution. Choose two.)


A.      It can be modified to include new Tasks.

B.      It cannot be modified.

C.      It is automatically assigned to the DYNSA user.

D.      It can be deleted.


Correct Answer: BC




You are creating a new user in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Save button in the User Setup window

is disabled. You need to ensure that you can save the new user record. What should you do to

enable the Save button?


A.      Log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP as the POWERUSER user.

B.      Log on to the Microsoft Dynamics GP application on the server.

C.      Log all other users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

D.      Log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP as the DYNSA user.


Correct Answer: D




Which security task is added by default to each security role?





D.      GPUSER

Correct Answer: C




What is the Web Management Console site used for?


A.      This site is the website that users connect to through the web browser when they log on to

the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client.

B.      This site is used to process transactions for people using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web


C.      This site hosts a virtual directory that is used to manage the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web

Client installation.

D.      This site hosts the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client virtual directory.


Correct Answer: C




Which two components are critical for troubleshooting the Microsoft Dynamics GP Client?

(Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


A.      Session Monitor

B.      Tenant Discovery Service

C.      Session Host

D.      Runtime Service


Correct Answer: AC




Which service creates and manages sessions for Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client users?


A.      Microsoft Dynamics GP Session Services.

B.      Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Resource Cache.

C.      World Wide Web Publishing Service.

D.      Microsoft Dynamics GP Session Central Service.


Correct Answer: A








Which two components require a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to be assigned?

(Each correct answer presents pa of the solution. Choose two.)


A.      IIS Website

B.      Session Central Service

C.      Runtime Server

D.      Session Service


Correct Answer: AB




Which two tools are used to manage security of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports?

(Each correct answer presents part of t solution. Choose two.)


A.      Microsoft Dynamics GP

B.      Microsoft SQL Server

C.      Report Manager

D.      Business Analyzer


Correct Answer: BC




Which statement about Excel Reports is true? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

Choose two.)


A.      Excel Reports can be deployed to a shared network location.

B.      Excel Report security is controlled by access to the system level path and SQL Server.

C.      Excel Reports can be accessed only from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

D.      Excel Reports has a minimum requirement of Microsoft Office 2007.


Correct Answer: AB


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