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Which two classes can be extended to create a skin? (Choose two.)


A. ComponentSkin

B. Skin

C. SkinSpark

D. SkinClass E. SparkSkin


Answer: B,E




Which MXML attribute specifies the visual implementation that a Spark component will display?


A. skin

B. skinClass

C. layout

D. displayClass


Answer: B




You have created a SparkSkin class for a Button component called ButtonSkin in the skins package. Which MXML statement correctly applies this skin class to a Spark Button?


A. <s:Button skinClass=”ButtonSkin” />

B. <s:Button styleName=”ButtonSkin” />

C. <s:Button skinClass=”skins.ButtonSkin”/>

D. <s:Button class=”skins.ButtonSkin” />


Answer: C




You want to animate the x, y, and alpha properties of an object in your application. Which Spark Effect class can handle animating multiple properties?


A. Animate

B. AnimateProperty

C. AnimateFilter

D. AddAction


Answer: A




Which declaration properly sets the x property in a state named detail?


A. detail.x=”0″

B. detail:x=”0″

C. x:detail=”0″

D. x.detail=”0″


Answer: D




Which two approaches could be used to show a component only within a specified Spark view state? (Choose two)


A. Set the includeIn attribute on that component’s MXML declaration and specify the name of the state

B. Set the excludeFrom attribute on that component’s MXML declaration and specify the names of all other states

C. Use the AddChild class within the State’s MXML declaration, and specify the component declaration within AddChild

D. Set the state attribute on that component’s MXML declaration and specify the value of the state

E. Set the includeIn attribute within the root element of the component


Answer: A,B




You want to invoke a Spark effect with the id “myEffect” when a button is clicked. Which syntax is correct?


A. <s:Button click=”;”/>

B. <s:Button clickEffect=”{myEffect}”/>

C. <s:Button mouseDownEffect=”{myEffect}”/>

D. <s:Button click=”myEffect.end();myEffect.start();”/>


Answer: A




You want to position a group such that it is positioned in the middle of its parent both vertically and horizontally. Which syntax is correct?


A. <s:Group position=”center” />

B. <s:Group center=”true” />

C. <s:Group horizontalCenter=”0” verticalCenter=”0” />

D. <s:Group horizontalCenter=”true” verticalCenter=”true” />


Answer: C




You want to use constraints to control layout of UI components within Spark containers. Which is required?


A. The Spark container must be a subclass of SkinnableContainer

B. The Spark container must use BasicLayout

C. The Spark container must have the layout attribute set to “absolute”

D. The UI components must be Spark components, not MX components


Answer: B




You have a ViewStack with multiple children. You want all children to be created before the application is available for use. You are using the Spark NavigatorContent container to define all of the children of the ViewStack. Which setting will you need to specify?


A. Set creationPolicy to all on the ViewStack

B. Set creationPolicy to all on the ViewStack and each of the NavigatorContent children

C. Set creationPolicy to auto on the ViewStack

D. None. This is the default behavior


Answer: A



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