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You want to use a Spark item renderer. What must you do?


A. Define a component, either externally or inline, derived from any Spark container

B. Define a component, either externally or inline, derived from the ItemRenderer class

C. Define an external component derived from a Spark control

D. Define an inline component derived from a Spark control


Answer: B




Which three are valid ItemRenderer implementation approaches in Flex? (Choose three.)


A. superclass

B. inline

C. component

D. drop-in

E. interface


Answer: B,C,D




You have a List control that is populated with product XML data. The product data includes the name and price of the product. You want the name and the price values to appear concatenated in the label field of the List. You do NOT want to affect the underlying data. The name and price values are separate nodes in the XML.

Which two approaches could be used to achieve the desired result (Choose two)?


A. Create a custom ItemRenderer to display the data

B. Use the labelFunction property of the List control

C. Bind the dataProvider property of the List to an E4X statement with the XML

D. Specify “{name} {price}” in the labelField property of the List control

E. Create a custom style for the List control to display the data


Answer: A,B




You have created the class MyComponent in the components package. Given the following code:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

<s:Group xmlns:fx=”″




<!– Put Component Here –>


Which is a correct way to instantiate the MyComponent class using MXML?


A. <s:MyComponent />

B. <comp:MyComponent />

C. <components:MyComponent />

D. <s:Component class=”components.MyComponent” />


Answer: B




For which uses cases should MXML be used rather than ActionScript (Choose two.)


A. Creating a direct subclass of UIComponent

B. Adding a control to an existing container type

C. Creating a custom validator

D. Creating a custom formatter

E. Creating a composite component that contains and positions other external components


Answer: B,E




You have a created a custom component called MyComp in a package assigned to the comps namespace. Which two statements could be used to create an instance of MyComp? (Choose two.)


A. <comps:MyComp />

B. <comps>MyComp</comps>

C. var comp:comps.MyComp = new comps.MyComp();

D. var comp:MyComp = new DisplayObject(“comps.MyComp”);

E. var comp:MyComp = createClass(“comps.MyComp”);


Answer: A,C




Given the following Spark TextInput control:

<s:TextInput id=”field1″ />

Which statement correctly declares a second TextInput control that’s text property is bound to the text property of field1 using two-way binding?


A. <s:TextInput text=”{{field1.text}}” />

B. <s:TextInput text=”field1.text” />

C. <s:TextInput text=”{@field1.text}” />

D. <s:TextInput text=”@{field1.text}” />


Answer: D




What is the effect of the following code snippet:

<s:TextInput id=”tf1″ text=”@{tf2.text}”/> <s:TextInput id=”tf2″/>


A. The text property of tf1 is bound to the text property of tf2

B. The text property of tf1 is conditionally bound to the text property of tf2

C. The text property of each field is bound to the text property of the other field

D. This code is invalid and will generate a compiler error


Answer: C




Given the following code:

<fx:Binding source=”message” destination=”input.text” twoWay=”true” />




private var message:String = “Hello User”;



<s:TextInput id=”input” text=”Goodbye User” />

What will be displayed in the text input control when the application first loads?


A. Hello User

B. the empty string (nothing is displayed)

C. Goodbye User

D. message


Answer: C




You are creating a custom event. Which function must be overridden to ensure complete event propagation?


A. clone()

B. duplicate()

C. Event()

D. dispatchEvent()


Answer: A



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