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Which class type can be used as a preloader for a Flex application?


A. UIComponent

B. Timer

C. ProgressBar

D. Object


Answer: D




Which code correctly defines the constructor for the Circle class?

package { import flash.display.Sprite;

public class Circle extends Sprite { !…Code Here…! { super(); }




A. private function Circle()

B. public function Circle()

C. public function Circle():void

D. public Circle()


Answer: B




Which statement about defining an ActionScript class is true?


A. You can define multiple public classes within a single ActionScript file

B. To add object properties at runtime, a class must be declared dynamic

C. Class properties are bindable by default

D. The default access modifier is protected


Answer: B




You are creating a custom component, MyComp, based on the UIComponent class. Which statement correctly declares the MyComp class?


A. public class MyComp extends UIComponent {}

B. public class MyComp implements UIComponent {}

C. public class UIComponent as MyComp {}

D. public class MyComp base UIComponent {}


Answer: A




Give the ActionScript class:

public class MyClass implements IResizable { }

What can be said about MyClass?


A. MyClass inherits all the functionality of the IResizable class

B. MyClass is the super class of the IResizable class

C. IResizable is the super class of MyClass

D. MyClass must have all methods defined in IResizable


Answer: D




Which statement about implementing an interface within an ActionScript class is true?


A. You can only implement a single interface

B. You may use private methods when implementing the methods within the interface

C. You must implement the methods defined within the interface and any interface implemented by the first interface

D. You must implement the methods defined within the interface and any interface extended by the first interface


Answer: D




Which statement describes the access rules for a variable marked as private?


A. Any class

B. Any class that extends the class

C. The class itself

D. Other classes in the same package.


Answer: C




Which attribute allows access to a property or method only within a class or any subclass of that class?


A. public

B. private

C. protected

D. internal


Answer: C




Which annotation is used in an ActionScript class to map it to a corresponding Java class?


A. [RemoteObject]

B. [Bindable]

C. [RemoteClass]

D. [ClassMap]


Answer: C




Which design pattern is used to define the passing of typed data between the client and remote server?


A. Mediator

B. Factory

C. Facade

D. Data Transfer Object


Answer: D



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