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You will be working with the messaging service in Adobe Data Services. Which method must be called to begin receiving events from the message service?


A. start()

B. subscribe()

C. listen()

D. willTrigger()


Answer: B




Which two statements about using a Producer component with Adobe Data Services is true? (Choose two.)


A. You may pass an object of any type as a parameter of the Producer send() method

B. You may pass any object with interface IMessage as the parameter of the Producer send() method

C. Your application must implement a Consumer with the same destination as the Producer

D. You can handle Producer errors using the error() method of the Producer

E. You can verify that the Producer successfully sent a message using the Producer acknowledge() method


Answer: B,E




You have a Producer object in your Flex application that is sending messages to a destination on your server. Which object should be implemented in a client application that will respond to the messages?


A. Consumer

B. Receiver

C. Subscriber

D. Reader


Answer: A




Which is a benefit of implementing data paging when working with the Adobe Data Management service?


A. Typed transfer of value object

B. Real time Messaging

C. Allows you to receive data just as you need it

D. Allows you to proxy data from other sources


Answer: C




You are utilizing offline synchronization of data with Adobe Data Services. Which method must be called to store the data when offline?


A. commit()

B. cache()

C. commitCache()

D. saveCache()


Answer: D




Which two statements about model-driven development are true? (Choose two.)


A. End-to-end model-driven development is not possible with Flash Builder

B. End-to-end model-driven development requires Flash Builder, the Application Modeling plug-in and a JDBC data source available to LCDS

C. Model-driven development of client code cannot use an existing LCDS destination

D. Model-driven development of client code is implemented using LCDS or ColdFusion with any Flex RPC data sources

E. Model-driven development of client code can be used to generate a database schema exactly corresponding to the structure of the model


Answer: B,D




Which tag does NOT implement the Flex RPC API?


A. RemoteObject

B. Consumer

C. HTTPService

D. WebService


Answer: B




Which two statements about HTTPService, WebService and RemoteObject are true? (Choose two.)


A. Service invocations to other sub-domains may fail without crossdomain.xml

B. WebService supports the invocation of SOAP and XML-RPC web services

C. WebService and RemoteObject can only be used with SOAP web services

D. RemoteObject will be faster than an equivalent WebService due to the use of AMF

E. HTTPService cannot be used to retrieve XML


Answer: A,D




Which HTTPService method call will invoke a service request?


A. load()

B. send()

C. get()

D. getService()


Answer: B




Which method of the FileReference class opens the operating system file explorer dialog?


A. browse()

B. upload()

C. explore()

D. open()


Answer: A



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