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Which method allows you to load a file from the user’s hard drive into Flash Player 10 directly, without uploading it to a remote server?


A. It is not possible to load a file from the user’s hard drive into Flash Player 10 directly

B. The load() method of a FileReference object

C. The browse() method of a FileReference object

D. The upload() method of a FileReference object


Answer: B




Which situation would require using the AIR runtime?


A. Connect to external data using the RemoteObject class

B. Use a Runtime Shared Library (RSL)

C. Drag an image from the operating system into the application

D. Upload a file to a server


Answer: C




You are planning on utilizing command line integration in an AIR application through the NativeProcess object. Which statement about using NativeProcess is true?


A. The AIR application must be packaged in a native installer

B. The AIR application must use the standard system chrome

C. A command line must be open in order for the AIR application it utilize it

D. You cannot use the NativeDrag class with the NativeProcess class


Answer: A




Which statement best describes the native installer feature of Adobe AIR 2.0+?


A. A native installer packages the AIR application into an EXE, DMG, DEB, or RPM file

B. Applications using a native installer cannot communicate with native processes

C. Applications using a native installer cannot launch files with a default system application

D. Native installers are only supported on Windows and Macintosh computers


Answer: A




You want to interact with native processes from within your AIR application. Which two steps will you need to complete? (Choose two.)


A. You will need to compile a native installer stub using a C compiler

B. You will need to use NativeProcess as the root element of your application instead of WindowedApplication

C. You will need to specify the target OS in the application descriptor

D. You will need to include <supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop</supportedProfiles> in your application descriptor file

E. You will need to build a native installer on the same OS on which it will be installed


Answer: D,E




Which class allows you to write the contents of a string to a file on the file system and is only available in AIR?


A. File

B. FileStream

C. FileReference

D. FileMode


Answer: B




Which statement best describes the FileMode.UPDATE mode?


A. The file is opened in write mode, with all written data appended to the end of the file

B. The file is opened in read-only mode

C. The file is opened in read/write mode

D. The file is opened in write-only mode


Answer: C




Which statement in the XML configuration file associated with an AIR application will remove the native system chrome?


A. <systemChrome>none</systemChrome>

B. <systemChrome>standard</systemChrome>

C. <systemChrome>custom</systemChrome>

D. <systemChrome>transparent</systemChrome>


Answer: A




You want to make the main window of an AIR application appear as a native window conforming to the standards of your operating system. What should you do?


A. It will appear as a native window by default

B. Set the skinClass style to air.skins.NativeWindowSkin

C. Set the nativeWindow property of the WindowedApplication root element

D. Set systemChrome to “system” within your application descriptor file


Answer: A




Which method of the NativeDragManager class will approve the current drag event?


A. doDrag()

B. doDragDrop()

C. dragDrop()

D. acceptDragDrop()


Answer: D




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