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Which two statements about Spark and MX components are true? (Choose two.)


A. For each MX component, there is a corresponding Spark component

B. For many MX components, there is a corresponding Spark component

C. Spark components implement functionality and appearance in separate classes

D. Spark components are extended to customize layout, just like MX components

E. Spark and MX components CANNOT be used within the same application


Answer: B,C




Which statement about Spark components is true?


A. SkinnableComponent is a superclass of all Spark components

B. UIComponent is NOT a superclass of Spark components

C. Spark components CANNOT be used in the same application with MX components

D. NOT all Spark components are skinnable


Answer: D




Which approach allows you to specify a layout for a Spark container?


A. Each Spark container class defines a specific layout, so you must choose the Spark container corresponding to the layout you desire

B. You must specify a CSS layout style corresponding to the id of the Spark container

C. You must specify a value of “absolute”, “horizontal” or “vertical” within the layout attribute of the Spark container

D. You must specify one of the Spark layout classes within the layout attribute of the Spark container


Answer: D




Which statement comparing Spark and MX layouts are true?


A. Spark layouts use layout classes, while MX layouts do not

B. Spark and MX share the same layout attribute values

C. Spark layouts do NOT support absolute positioning, unlike MX layouts

D. Spark components do NOT have default layouts, so a layout must be specified


Answer: A




You want to create a sub class of LayoutBase. Which method must be overridden to specify positioning?


A. layout()

B. measure()

C. commitProperties()

D. updateDisplayList()


Answer: D




You want to create a custom layout to display a number of images in a carousel. Which superclass should you extend to create your custom layout?


A. HorizontalLayout

B. VerticalLayout

C. LayoutBase

D. TileLayout


Answer: C




Given the following code

<s:TextInput id=”myTextInput” />

Which will allow you to set the content that will be displayed in the control?


A. myTextInput.label

B. TextInput.label

C. myTextInput.text

D. TextInput.text


Answer: C




Which property of the NumericStepper gives you access to the number that is displayed?


A. text

B. value

C. index

D. number


Answer: B




You want to use a field to capture a single line of typed input, with an approximate width of 30 characters. Which statement should you use?


A. <s:TextInput width=”30″/>

B. <s:TextInput measuredWidth=”30″/>

C. <s:TextInput widthInChars=”30″/>

D. <s:TextArea measuredWidth=”30″/>


Answer: C




Which two statements about the Spark DataGrid are true? (Choose two.)


A. The Spark DataGrid is implemented as a skinnable wrapper around the SparkGrid

B. The Spark DataGrid is a skinnable component that uses a Grid control as a skin part

C. The <s:GridColumn> component requires a dataField property

D. The <s:DataGridColumn> component requires a dataField property

E. The <s:Scroller> component must be implemented to enable Spark DataGrid scrolling


Answer: A,B



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