Latest Adobe 9A0-327 Real Exam Download 51-60


Question: 51

How can you configure a CQ component to allow an Author to edit content without opening a dialog?


A. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing node under the component node.

B. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing node under the component’s design dialog node.

C. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:dropTargets node under the component node.

D. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing node under the component’s default script node.


Answer: A



Question: 52

You want to extend the foundation Text/Image component by creating a new component. Which is the correct value to add to the property resourceSuperType in the new component?


A. foundation/components/textimage.

B. libs/foundation/components/textimage.

C. components/textimage.

D. /foundation/components/textimage.


Answer: A



Question: 53

You have changed the CRX admin password. Which console or tool do you also need to update?



B. CQSE Admin Console

C. Apache Felix Web Console

D. CQ User Administration Console


Answer: C



Question: 54

You created a site /project/en and want to add language sites /de and /fr. What is the best practice to create the additional language sites?


A. Use the WCM console to copy and paste from /en.

B. Use the Language Copy tool.

C. Create  a  workflow  with  a  custom  process  step  that  creates  the  according  language  pages whenever you create a new /en page.

D. Create and download a CQ package containing the /en site. Open the zip file and rename the /en folder to /fr or /de, then reinstall the package.


Answer: B



Question: 55

You have an active bundle which is configured via CRX repository. What do you have to do after you have saved changes to the configuration to apply them?


A. Go to the Felix Web OSGi Console, stop and then start the bundle.

B. Restart the CQ instance.

C. Go to the Felix Web OSGi Console and re-activate the bundle.

D. Nothing. Changes are automatically applied.


Answer: D



Question: 56

You  have  a  page and  want to  create  a  child page. Which  property  has  the  highest priority  to determine which templates can be used?


A. cq:allowedParents

B. cq:allowedChildren

C. cq:allowedPaths

D. cq:allowedTemplates


Answer: D



Question: 57

You have successfully installed CRX and crx-launchpad on Websphere Application Server. How do you install CQ5?


A. Upload the cq-quickstart.jar file to the Felix Console and start the Jar file.

B. Start cq-quickstart .jar file within the Application Server.

C. Upload and install cq.war file to the Application Server.

D. Install CQ using content packages.


Answer: D



Question: 58

How does the Configuration Admin service use Persistence IDs (PID)?


A. It stores the date for the last configuration.

B. It stores all the versions of the entire configuration for a service.

C. It generates a new PID every time the configuration of the services changes.

D. It associates the service configuration data with PIDs.


Answer: D



Question: 59

You want to add additional features to a Node. What should you do?


A. Add a new jcr:primaryType value to the Node.

B. Invoke the Node’s addMixin() method passing the name of a mixin.

C. Replace current jcr:primaryType with jcr:mixinType.

D. Add a new nt:base Node type to the Node.


Answer: B



Question: 60

Which is a difference between an OSGI bundle and a Java package?


A. None. You can install and activate any java package in an OSGI container

B. A jar file cannot be inside an OSGI Bundle

C. The bundle contains extra metadata defined in a MANIFEST.MF file

D. The bundle package structure is completely different than the one of a .jar file


Answer: C



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