Latest Adobe 9A0-327 Real Exam Download 61-70


Question: 61

You want to install bundles through CRX only in the author instance. Which folder name can you use for that purpose?


A. All folders under the install folder.

B. All folders under the install folder that are named author.

C. All folders named

D. The folder


Answer: C



Question: 62

You are logged in as userA and you are impersonating userB. How are your activities logged in the access.log?


A. The logged userId is “userA”

B. The logged userId is “userB”

C. The logged userId is “userA on behalf of userB”

D. The logged userId is “userB impersonated by userA”


Answer: B



Question: 63

You have configured the cached properly in the dispatcher module. What is the difference between: request   1       =         /content/mypage/mypic.small.png??     and  request    2       =



A. NO difference. Request 1 and request 2 both get cached

B. request 1 gets cached, request 2 does not get cached

C. request 2 gets cached, request 1 does not get cached

D. NO difference. Neither request 1 nor request 2 get cached


Answer: B



Question: 64

You are checking the permissions of a user in CQ. In the Permissions tab you notice that next to some check boxes there is an exclamation point. What does this exclamation point mean?


A. It means that there is an error in the permission setting.

B. It means that this permission is inherited from the parent node.

C. It means that there is at least one entry that currently has no effect.

D. It means that you do not have permissions to modify this checkbox.


Answer: C



Question: 65

You have created a bundle with CRXDE. What does the .bnd file contain?


A. The Activator class to notify start and stop events

B. Extra metadata about the bundle used by the CRXDE build process.

C. The list of all classes inside the bundle

D. The compilation and deployment steps of the bundle


Answer: B



Question: 66

When you are saving or updating a configuration in the Configurations tab in the Apache Felix Web OSGi Console, where are these configuration settings saved?


A. To the CRX /var/config/ path.

B. Under <cq-installation-dir>/crx-quickstart/launchpad/config/.

C. The new configuration is only kept at runtime.

D. In an internal SQLite DB used by the Apache Felix Web OSGi Console.


Answer: B



Question: 67

Which service property does an Event Subscriber need to subscribe to an Event Handler in the OSGi Event Admin service?


A. event.type


C. event.title

D. event.topic


Answer: D



Question: 68

Which xtype should you use if you want to reuse a part of a dialog in another dialog?


A. browsedialog.

B. tabpanel.

C. cqinclude.

D. referencesdialog.


Answer: C



Question: 69

How can you replicate to a specific agent using the CQ Replicator interface?


A. With the Replicator method replicateToAgent().

B. The object ReplicationOptions contains a method replicateToAgent and you need to pass the ReplicationOptions object as a parameter to the replicate() method of the Replicator class.

C. You need to create a Filter in the ReplicatorOptions object and set the agent that will replicate. Then you pass the ReplicatorOptions object to the replicate() method of the Replicator class.

D. You cannot replicate to a specific Agent.


Answer: C



Question: 70

You want to change the configuration of a bundle during runtime in the repository. Which location has the highest priority?


A. <cq-installation-dir>/crx-quickstart/launchpad/config/* on the local file system

B. /apps/*/config/*

C. /libs/*/config/*

D. /etc/design/config/*


Answer: B



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