Latest Real 9A0-127 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 21-30


Question 21

Which <cfthread> tag action allows code between the starting and ending <cfthread> tags?


A. run

B. terminate

C. sleep

D. join


Answer: A



Question 22

You are using <cfajaxproxy> to retrieve data asynchronously from a CFC function on the server.

Which data format is used to send back the data response?


A. plain text





Answer: C



Question 23

The following CFM page named input.cfm receives a URL variable and returns its value in upper case.

<h3>Echoing input:</h3>

<cfoutput> <cfif isdefined(“url.InputText”)> #uCase(url.InputText)# <cfelse> No input </cfif>

</cfoutput> Which <cfdiv> tag uses the correct binding expression to pass the value of a <cfinput> control named myInput and display the value returned from the first page?


A. <cfdiv bind=”url:output.cfm?InputText=#myInput.value#”/>

B. <cfdiv bind=”output.cfm?InputText={myInput.value}”/>

C. <cfdiv bind=”url:output.cfm?InputText={myInput.value}”/>

D. <cfdiv bind={url:output.cfm?InputText=#myInput.value#}”/>


Answer: C



Question 24

Which kind of ColdFusion data can be serialized into the JSON format with the serializeJSON() function?


A. only query objects

B. any data object

C. only CFC instances

D. query objects and arrays


Answer: B



Question 25

You are using the <cfdocument> tag to generate a PDF document.

What happens to the output file if you omit the file attribute of the tag?


A. The file is output to the browser.

B. The file is NOT created.

C. A runtime error occurs.

D. The file is saved to server RAM.


Answer: A


Question 26

You have dynamically generated PDF files using <cfdocument>. Customers complain that the PDF files are very large, resulting in long download times.

Which two invocations of <CFPDF> can you use to reduce the size of your PDF files? (Choose two.)


A. <cfpdf action=”write” version=”1.6″ .. >

B. <cfpdf action=”optimize” algo=”bicubic” … >

C. <cfpdf action=”extractext” honourspaces=”false” …>

D. <cfpdf action=”optimize” noimages=”true” ….>

E. <cfpdf action=”transform” hscale=”90″ vscale=”90″ …>


Answer: A,B



Question 27

The following <cfspreadsheet> command creates a spreadsheet containing data from an existing variable named myVar:

<cfspreadsheet action=”write” filename=”#expandpath(‘sheet.xls’)#”


Which type of data must the myVar variable contain?


A. a query object

B. a spreadsheet object or comma-delimited text

C. any data type

D. an array, query, or comma-delimited text


Answer: B



Question 28

What is the default format of charts generated by the <cfchart> tag?


A. jpg

B. png

C. flash

D. gif


Answer: C



Question 29

Which font is NOT supported by <cfchart type=”jpg”>?


A. Arial

B. Times

C. Comic Sans MS

D. any font installed on the server is supported


Answer: D



Question 30

What is the order of precedence (greatest to least) for execution of the <cferror>, onError(), and <cftry>/<cfcatch> error handling strategies?


A. onError, cftry, cferror

B. <cftry>, onError(), <cferror>

C. <cferror>, onError(), <cftry>

D. <cftry>, <cferror>, onError()


Answer: B



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