Latest Real 9A0-127 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 81-90


Question 81

Given the XML object definition:

<cfxml variable=”xmlData”> <cars>

<car> <name>Ford</name> <year>1990</year> <color>Red</color>


<car> <name>Toyota</name> <year>1995</year> <color>Blue</color>


<car> <name>KIA</name> <year>2000</year> <color>Green</color>




Which variable correctly outputs the XML document representing the car with name value Ford?


A. #toString([1])#

B. #toString([0])#

C. #toString([1])#

D. #toString([1])#


Answer: A



Question 82

You are using the xmlSearch() function to retrieve data from an XML document.

Which function signature most accurately describes the data types of the arguments?


A. xmlSearch(xml object, xpath)

B. xmlSearch(string, xpath);

C. xmlSearch(string, regular expression)

D. xmlSearch(xml object, regular expression)


Answer: A



Question 83

Given the following XML data:

<cfxml variable=”xmlData”>



















Which data type is returned from the following code?

<cfdump var=”#XmlSearch( xmlData, ‘//car[ 2 ]’ )[1].xmlChildren#” />



B. string

C. struct

D. array


Answer: D



Question 84

You are using the <cfinclude> tag to include one page of code into another page of code.

Where does ColdFusion look for the file if the value of the template attributes starts with a slash (/) character?


A. in the hard disk volume root folder

B. in a mapped directory

C. in the web server’s document root folder

D. in the folder containing the file with the currently executing code


Answer: B



Question 85

Which ColdFusion tag allows you to render the body of a file into another?


A. cfoutput

B. CFInsert

C. CFInclude

D. CFFile


Answer: C



Question 86

You are using <cf_…> syntax to call a CFM file as a custom tag.

Where does ColdFusion look first for the custom tag file?


A. in the folder containing the file with the currently executing code

B. in the CustomTags folder under the ColdFusion installation folder

C. in a mapped directory

D. in the first custom tag path folder as configured in ColdFusion Administrator


Answer: A



Question 87

In your application you have functionality for a menu contained in a file named menu.cfm.

Which property of the cfmodule tag allows you to specify you want to display the menu.cfm file?


A. template

B. name

C. destination

D. source


Answer: A



Question 88

What is the correct syntax for a CFC function declared within a <cfscript> block that always returns a structure and throws a runtime error if the incorrect type is returned?


A. function myFunction() returntype=”struct” { return structNew(); }

B. function myFunct():struct { return structNew(); }

C. function struct myFunction() { return structNew(); }

D. function myFunction() { return structNew(); }


Answer: A



Question 89

Which function definition defines a private function named fullName that returns a string?


A. string function fullName()

B. function fullName():String

C. private string function fullName()

D. private function fullName():String


Answer: C



Question 90

What must you do when calling a SOAP-based web service by its service name rather than the service’s WSDL URL?


A. use the createObject() method to call the service once and register the service with ColdFusion

B. call the service with <cfinvoke> once to register the service with ColdFusion

C. use the WSDL URL in the CFM page

D. configure the service name and associate it with the service’s WSDL URL in ColdFusion Administrator


Answer: D




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