Latest Real 9A0-136 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 41-50


Question 41

You want to create a single PDF document from files contained in a folder. Which operation should you use?

A. Create PDF

B. Invoke DDX

C. Create 3D PDF

D. Transform PDF



Answer: B



Question 42

Which Workbench view is used to configure an operation?

A. Components

B. Services

C. Applications

D. Process Properties



Answer: D



Question 43

When can you use an event receive in your process?

A. any process type as long as the event is defined

B. only in a short lived process with XML variables

C. only in a long lived process

D. only if the process throwing the event resides in the same application as the process receiving the event



Answer: C



Question 44

You create a task in Process Designer that executes another process you have designed. What is the requirement for this other process you have designed?

A. The process must have no input variables

B. The process must be deployed

C. The process must have no start task

D. The process must have a special start task type



Answer: B



Question 45

A process map has more than one start point. Which statement is true?

A. A process cannot have more than one start point.

B. Each start point may lead to a different task on the process design.

C. Each start point must lead to the same task on the process design.

D. Different start points may have different properties for the same type of start point (endpoint type).



Answer: C



Question 46

Which is a reason to use a gateway task that is created with multiple branches of execution?

A. To visually organize your process map.

B. To choose one path among others, based on a data value.

C. To map different possible designs, choosing one of them when more is known about the process.

D. To allow execution in parallel.



Answer: D



Question 47

You have a LiveCycle process that accepts an XML document as an input parameter. The XML document that will be passed to your process conforms to an XML schema and includes namespaces. You want to configure your process to enable you to query nodes assigned to a namespace as well as enable you to use the XPath Builder to graphically navigate the XML document tree. What should you do?

A. Declare the XFA namespace in the properties

B. Store a sample XML document that contains the namespaces and structure in your LiveCycle application

C. Edit the XML process variable properties that will hold the submitted data and load the XML schema by selecting the Load Asset button

D. Create a Document Descriptor XML document that will describe the data structure and all namespaces



Answer: C



Question 48

The custom object variable webVar, has a string data item named myVar. Which is the correct XPath expression to access the value of myVar?

A. /process_data/webVar/object/@myVar

B. /process_data/webVar/object/myVar

C. /process_data/webVar/@myVar

D. /process_data/webVar/object/[myVar]



Answer: A



Question 49

You want to see individual data elements in your XML variable in XPath Builder. What should you do?

A. Save the form design on the server as part of the application.

B. Name the form fields with specific names.

C. Select Store form data as XDP in the Variables dialog box.

D. Associate a data model with the XML variable.



Answer: D



Question 50

Which statement about comparing an Adobe Data Model and XML schemas is true?

A. The Adobe Data Model can include services, XML schemas cannot.

B. The XML schema can include services, the Adobe Data Model cannot.

C. An XML schema can be converted into the Adobe Data Model using LiveCycle.

D. The Adobe Data Model and XML schemas specify completely different information and both must be used together.



Answer: A



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