Latest Real 9A0-146 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 1-10


Question 1

For which server technology is Remote Development Services (RDS) a component?



B. ColdFusion




Answer: B



Question 2

Which two technologies does AJAX combine? (Choose two.)



B. Java

C. JavaScript




Answer: C,D



Question 3

You have inserted a SWF file by using Dreamweaver and uploaded both the Web page and the SWF file to your server. What must also be uploaded to the server to properly view the SWF file over the Internet?


A. The Scripts folder

B. A Flash skin

C. The Flash player

D. A browser plug-in


Answer: A



Question 4

You upload an FLV file you are using on a Web page to your server. The movie does NOT play when the page loads in the browser. What must be on the Web server in addition to the FLV file in order for the movie to play?


A. The Flash player

B. A skin

C. A security certificate

D. A browser plug-in


Answer: B



Question 5

Which action does NOT mitigate page weight?


A. Consolidating multiple CSS stylesheets into one.

B. Using nested tables instead of <div> elements.

C. Avoiding frame-based layouts.

D. Deleting excess whitespace from the code.


Answer: B



Question 6

You have a Web page that uses a table-based layout and HTML <font> tags. The page loads slowly in the browser. What can be done to reduce page load time?


A. Convert HTML formatting to CSS.

B. Convert the page to a .CFM file extension.

C. Remove all <table> tags.

D. Remove unnecessary hyperlinks from the page.


Answer: A



Question 7

You want to build a Website that follows the Web Accessibility Standards. What are three things you can do to improve accessibility on your Web pages? (Choose three.)


A. Add Alt Text to images.

B. Add title information to SWF files.

C. Add labels for form tags.

D. Position content using tables.

E. Remove page titles.

F. Use CSS inline styles.


Answer: A,B,C



Question 8

Which panel or dialog box ensures that you will be prompted to add accessibility information as you build your Web pages within Dreamweaver?


A. Dreamweaver Preferences

B. The Site Reports panel

C. The Tag Inspector panel

D. The Behaviors panel


Answer: A



Question 9

All of the files in your Website are in a single folder on your local hard drive. What must you do to see your Website files listed in the Files panel?


A. Define a local site.

B. Create all site files before opening Dreamweaver.

C. Create an images folder.

D. Create a root folder for Dreamweaver.


Answer: A



Question 10

You want to create a new site from an STE file. Which command should you choose?


A. Site > Manage Sites and click Import.

B. Site > New Site.

C. File > Import.

D. File > Open.


Answer: A



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