Latest Real 9A0-146 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 11-20


Question 11

You want to specify a local site folder in the Site Setup dialog box. What should you do?


A. Select the Site category and click Browse for Folder.

B. Select the Servers category and click Add New Server.

C. Select the Advanced Settings category and then select Local Info.

D. Select the Site category and type the site name.


Answer: A



Question 12

Why should you never rename a file outside of Dreamweaver?


A. Dreamweaver will NOT be able to find the file.

B. The file will get corrupted.

C. Images in the file will disappear.

D. You may create broken links in your site.


Answer: D



Question 13

You are using the Files panel. What happens when you drag an HTML file from the site root folder to a subfolder in the same site?


A. The file is copied to the subfolder.

B. The file is moved to the subfolder.

C. The file is deleted from the site.

D. Nothing. You cannot drag files within the Files panel.


Answer: B



Question 14

You need to move Web pages into subfolders within your root folder. Where should you go to move these files into subfolders to ensure that all Website links remain intact after this process?


A. The Insert menu within Dreamweaver

B. The Web server

C. The operating system

D. The Files panel within Dreamweaver


Answer: D



Question 15

Your company will be hosting your Website on a Web server within your department. You can access the Web server from within your operating system. Which type of connection should you use to upload files to the web server?



B. Local/Network




Answer: B



Question 16

When should you select Use Passive FTP to connect to a remote server?


A. when you want the remote server to establish the connection

B. when you want the local computer to establish the connection

C. when you want both the local computer and remote server to establish the connection

D. when you want a more secure connection


Answer: B



Question 17

Which two are methods for connecting to a remote server in the Site Setup dialog box? (Choose two.)



B. Secure FTP


D. ColdFusion


Answer: B,C



Question 18

Which statement about Dreamweaver’s Check In/Check Out system is NOT true?


A. A file CANNOT be opened by another user if it is currently checked out.

B. The Files panel displays the name of the person who has checked out the file.

C. Dreamweaver enables you to send an email automatically to the person who has checked out the file.

D. Multiple users can check out files at one time.


Answer: A



Question 19

You are working in a team environment, and want to add check-out capability on the Web server. Which information does Dreamweaver require to enable this feature?


A. Check-out Name and Email Address

B. Testing Server Model and Email Address

C. Check-out Name and Root Folder

D. Production Server IP Address and Location


Answer: A



Question 20

In which situation should you use a testing server?


A. To test Flash animations.

B. To test Spry widgets.

C. To test dynamic database-driven applications.

D. To test Dreamweaver behaviors.


Answer: C



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