Latest Real 9A0-146 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 21-30


Question 21

Which category in the Site Setup dialog box lets you add your FTP information?


A. Advanced Settings

B. Site

C. Servers

D. Version Control


Answer: C



Question 22

Which page layout option allows you to draw boxes for page content and for which Dreamweaver creates standards compliant HTML and CSS?


A. Spry Region

B. AP Div

C. Table

D. Insert Div Tag


Answer: B



Question 23

You want to ensure that the mainnav div is located 10 pixels from the left and 150 pixels from the top. What should you do?


A. Set Z-index to a positive number.

B. Set Visibility to Visible.

C. Set Position to Absolute.

D. Set Right and Bottom to 0 (zero).


Answer: C



Question 24

Two static divs are visible on a page. Div First is defined before div Second in the code. You want them to overlap by 20 pixels. Which property should you set when you create the CSS rules?


A. On First, set the bottom margin to -20px.

B. On First, set the bottom padding to -20px.

C. On Second, set the top padding to -20px.

D. On Second, set the top margin to 20px.


Answer: A



Question 25

You have created a CSS layout and would like to easily visualize the padding and margin for a <div> tag when it is selected. Which should you select from the Visual Aids menu of the Document toolbar?


A. CSS Layout Backgrounds

B. CSS Layout Box Model

C. CSS Layout Outlines

D. AP Element Outlines


Answer: B



Question 26

Which table property is NOT supported by the CSS Rule Definition dialog box?


A. Border-style

B. Border-width

C. Border-collapse

D. Border-color


Answer: C



Question 27

In Design view you want to see the margins that have been applied to a <div> tag. Which should you use?


A. CSS Layout Box Model

B. AP Element Outlines

C. CSS Layout Backgrounds

D. CSS Layout Outlines


Answer: A



Question 28

You want to view the various <div> tags within your document without background colors and images. Which should you use?


A. CSS Layout Outlines

B. CSS Layout Backgrounds

C. CSS Layout Box Model

D. AP Element Outlines


Answer: B



Question 29

Click the Exhibit button.


When you select an image you notice a circular arrow next to the Width and Height properties in the Property inspector (see exhibit). What does this indicate?


A. The source image on the hard drive has changed and needs to be refreshed.

B. The image in the web page has different dimensions from the source image on the hard drive.

C. The image will scale proportionately when you resize it.

D. The source image on the hard drive has been moved or renamed.


Answer: B



Question 30

A banner image you created in Photoshop is 200 pixels wide, but its container on the page is only 190 pixels wide. You want to cut off 10 pixels on the right side of the image. Which action in the Property inspector is the most efficient way to begin this task?


A. Type 10 in H Space.

B. Click Update from Original.

C. Click Crop.

D. Click Edit Image Settings.


Answer: C



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