Latest Real 9A0-146 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 31-40


Question 31

You want a drop-down (select) form field which allows users to choose more than one item. Which three options should you set? (Choose three.)



B. Type is set to menu

C. Height

D. Type is set to list

E. Selections: Allow Multiple

F. List values

G. Initially Selected


Answer: D,E,F



Question 32

You want to close an open panel. What are two ways to perform this task? (Choose two.)


A. Click the panel Options menu, then choose Close Tab Group.

B. Double-click the panel tab.

C. Choose Window and select the name of the open panel.

D. Click Remove at the bottom of the panel.

E. Choose Window > Workspace Layout > Manage Workspaces.


Answer: A,C



Question 33

Which panel contains portions of HTML code that you can easily insert into your Web pages?


A. Components

B. Code Inspector

C. Snippets

D. Tag Inspector


Answer: C



Question 34

You want to add a hyperlink to some text on your Web page. Which panel allows you to convert text into a hyperlink while in Design view?


A. CSS panel

B. Files panel

C. Tag Inspector

D. Property inspector


Answer: D



Question 35

You want to ensure that your documents conform to XHTML 1.0 Transitional standards. Which preference should be set?


A. Default attribute case set to <UPPERCASE>

B. Default tag case set to <lowercase>

C. Use shorthand for Font

D. Use shorthand for Margin and padding


Answer: B



Question 36

Which category within Dreamweaver preferences should you select to change the text size for Code view?


A. Code Format

B. Fonts

C. General

D. New Document


Answer: B



Question 37

You have positioned page elements using <div> tags but your page is NOT displaying correctly. You have selected text inside a <div> tag, and cannot locate the ending </div> tag. Which button can you click in the Coding toolbar to locate the closing </div>?


A. Collapse Full Tag

B. Highlight Invalid Code

C. Collapse Selection

D. Select Parent Tag


Answer: D



Question 38

Your Web page contains invalid code, and you want to learn more about the issue and how to fix the code. You click the Highlight Invalid Code button in the Coding toolbar. Where does the information display to assist you in correcting the problem?


A. In the Tag Inspector panel

B. In the Server Debug panel

C. In the Property inspector

D. In the Browser Navigation toolbar


Answer: C



Question 39

You need to change two attributes of an image tag across your entire Website. You want to store this command so it can be used again. What should you do in the Find and Replace dialog box?


A. Select Use regular expression.

B. Set Search to Specific Tag.

C. Set Action to Set Attribute.

D. Click Save Query.


Answer: D



Question 40

You need to replace all occurrences of the <b> tag with the <strong> tag. In the Find and Replace dialog box you have selected Entire Current Local Site in the Find In menu. Which other options should you choose?


A. Set the Search option to Specific Tag, type b in next field, set the Action to Change Tag, type strong in next field.

B. Set the Search option to Source Code, type <b> in the Find field, type <strong> in the Replace field.

C. Set the Search option to Text (Advanced), type <b> in the Find field, type <strong> in the Replace field.

D. Set the Search option to Text, type b in the Find field, type strong in the Replace field.


Answer: A



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