Latest Real 9A0-146 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 51-60


Question 51

You notice that the image logo.gif appears two times in the Assets panel site list of images. Why is the file listed twice?


A. Two files with the same name are in different folders.

B. Two files of different sizes are in a folder.

C. You selected the wrong default images folder.

D. You added logo.gif to your Favorites list.


Answer: A



Question 52

You have inserted a SWF animation on a page in your Website. Which property is NOT available in the Property inspector for this file?


A. Width and Height

B. Volume

C. Wmode

D. Parameters


Answer: B



Question 53

What determines how the movie controls look for Flash video files, and where are those controls located?


A. A skin

B. Controls within the FLV file

C. Controls added from the Flash program



Answer: A



Question 54

Which action does Dreamweaver automatically perform when you insert an AP Div in your page?


A. The AP Div is assigned a unique ID and its own CSS Rule.

B. The AP Div is assigned a unique Class and its own CSS Rule.

C. The AP Div is assigned a unique ID and an inline CSS style.

D. The AP Div is assigned a unique Class and an inline CSS style.


Answer: A



Question 55

You have three AP divs of various widths and heights on your page. You want to stack them vertically with the left edges aligned and with equal spacing between them. What should you do?


A. Show the rulers, then create horizontal and vertical ruler guides before dragging the divs into place.

B. Show the grid and choose Snap to Grid before dragging the divs into place.

C. Select each div in turn and type the same Left value in the Property inspector.

D. In the CSS Rule Definition for each div, set the appropriate Placement values.


Answer: B



Question 56

You select the AP div for MainLogo on a page. You enter 200px in the T field in the Property inspector and press Enter/Return. Where is the top 200px property placed?


A. into a new CSS rule named #MainLogo

B. into an existing CSS rule named #MainLogo

C. into an inline CSS rule for the AP Div #MainLogo

D. into an HTML attribute for the AP Div #MainLogo


Answer: B



Question 57

You want to modify the font, size, and color of one phrase on a single Web page. Before specifying the font properties, what must you choose in the CSS Property inspector to limit this style to this one occurrence in this single Web page?


A. Targeted Rule

B. Font

C. Edit Rule

D. Page Properties


Answer: A



Question 58

Which properties in the CSS Box Model add to the physical space needed for an element on your Web page?


A. Margin, border, and padding

B. Border, margin, and content

C. Padding, margin, and content

D. Child elements, content, and background


Answer: A



Question 59

You have inserted an <h1> and two <p> elements into a <div> that has been assigned a background color. You want all the text to be pushed away from the left and right sides of its container.

What should you do?


A. Add left and right margins to the <div> element using a CSS rule.

B. Add left and right margins to the <body> element using a CSS rule.

C. Add left and right borders to the <body> element using a CSS rule.

D. Add left and right padding to the <div> element using a CSS rule.


Answer: D



Question 60

Which command lets you most easily create a stylesheet whose font sizes use accessible measurements?


A. File > New, then click Page From Sample.

B. File > New, then click Blank Page.

C. File > New, then click Other.

D. Format > CSS Styles > New.


Answer: A



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