Latest Real 9A0-146 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 61-70


Question 61

You have created three separate stylesheets for your Web page, each for different media (screen, print and handheld devices). The following code is in the head of your document:

<link href=”screen.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”screen” /> <link href=”print.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”print” /> <link href=”mobile.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”handheld” />

You want to see how your Web page will look on handheld devices. What should you do?


A. Disable the print and screen stylesheets, then choose File > Preview in Browser.

B. Click mobile.css in the Related files toolbar, then select Live View.

C. Choose View > Live View Options > HTTP Request Settings.

D. Choose Handheld Media Type from the Style Rendering toolbar.


Answer: D



Question 62

Given the following CSS rules:

body { font-size:10px; } p { font-sizE. 20px; } h1 { font-sizE. 200%; }

What size will the <h1> elements be displayed in the browser?


A. 10px

B. 15px

C. 20px

D. 40px


Answer: C



Question 63

Which CSS selector lets you change the font properties for all text elements on a page?


A. p

B. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, li

C. #page

D. body


Answer: D



Question 64

You have written the following CSS:

h2 {

color: #FF0000;


.green {

color: #00FF00;


In your HTML, you have written:

<h2 class=”green”>Sale!</h2>

What will be the appearance of this h2 element and why?


A. Red because the tag selector is more specific than the class selector

B. Red because the class selector is more specific than the tag selector

C. Green because the tag selector is more specific than the class selector

D. Green because the class selector is more specific than the tag selector


Answer: D



Question 65

Given the following code:



<style type=”text/css”>

h1 {color:red;}

p {color:blue;}




<h1>A heading</h1>

<p>A paragraph.</p>



Which color will the <h1> element be displayed in the browser?


A. Red

B. Green

C. Orange

D. Blue


Answer: A



Question 66

You want to check your CSS visually. You set the Document window to Design view, then you click Inspect mode. Which statement is true?


A. Live view is enabled.

B. The CSS Styles panel opens.

C. Live view and Live Code view are enabled.

D. The document window goes to Split view.


Answer: A



Question 67

In Design view with Inspect mode on, you hover over an area on your page. What changes in the CSS Styles panel?


A. In All mode, Properties pane, the relevant CSS properties are highlighted.

B. In All mode, Rules pane, the relevant CSS properties are highlighted.

C. In Current mode, the relevant rule and CSS properties are displayed.

D. In Current mode, you must click Show List View to see the properties.


Answer: C



Question 68

Which report ensures that your site conforms to accessibility standards?


A. Combinable Nested Font Tags

B. Missing Alt Text

C. Redundant Nested Tags

D. Removable Empty Tags


Answer: B



Question 69

You want to run a report to confirm that your Website conforms to accessibility standards. What should you do?


A. Use HTML Reports within the Site Reports tab in the Results panel

B. Use the Validator within Dreamweaver Preferences

C. Use Link Checker within the Results panel

D. Use the Accessibility tab in Dreamweaver Preferences


Answer: A



Question 70

In Dreamweaver Preferences, which item is NOT an option in the Accessibility category?


A. Form Objects

B. Alternate Text

C. Media

D. Frames


Answer: B



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