Latest Real 9A0-146 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 71-80


Question 71

By default, which three elements require accessibility attributes when they are inserted on a page? (Choose three.)


A. JPEG image

B. Flash SWF

C. jump menu

D. Flash video

E. radio buttons

F. templates


Answer: A,B,E



Question 72

You want to ensure that your HTML code is written efficiently. Which site report should you run?


A. Missing alt text

B. Design notes

C. Untitled documents

D. Removable empty tags


Answer: D



Question 73

You want to delete files in your image folder that are not being used. Which command should you choose?


A. Site > Check Links Sitewide, then choose Orphaned Files.

B. Site > Check Links Sitewide, then choose Broken Links.

C. Site > Check Links Sitewide, then choose External Links.

D. Site > Reports and run the Removable Empty Tags report.


Answer: A



Question 74

You have run the Check Links Sitewide report and are looking at the results in the Link Checker panel. How can you open a file that has a broken link? (Choose two.)


A. Select the file in the Link Checker panel, then choose File > Open.

B. Double-click the file in the Link Checker panel.

C. Right-click the file in the Link Checker panel and choose Open File.

D. Right-click the file in the Link Checker panel and choose Check Links.

E. Select a broken link and then click the folder icon in the Link Checker panel.


Answer: B,C



Question 75

Which option is NOT available in the Show menu in the Link Checker report?


A. Internal Links

B. External Links

C. Orphaned Files

D. Broken Links


Answer: A



Question 76

What must you do in Dreamweaver to preview ColdFusion pages in the browser?


A. Enable Cloaking

B. Define a Remote Server

C. Set up Version Control

D. Define a Testing Server


Answer: D



Question 77

You are working on a dynamic Website and recently switched from the ASP JavaScript model to the ASP VBScript model. What should you do in the Site Setup dialog box to update this information?


A. Select Version Control.

B. Select Advanced Settings, and select the Local Info category.

C. Select Servers, double-click your server, and click the Basic tab.

D. Select Servers, double-click your server, and click the Advanced tab.


Answer: D



Question 78

You are designing a form that is part of a dynamic application. What are two methods you can use to pass parameters to the form? (Choose two.)


A. Template variable

B. Session variable

C. URL parameter

D. Spry tooltip

E. A snippet


Answer: B,C



Question 79

What are two requirements for using the Bindings panel? (Choose two.)


A. Testing server is specified.

B. Document type is selected.

C. Dynamic form element is on the page.

D. Server side include is added first.

E. Live Code view is active.


Answer: A,B



Question 80

You are using the Server Behaviors panel and would like to move to the first record of your recordset. Which server behavior should you add?


A. Recordset

B. Recordset Paging

C. Update Record

D. Display Record Count


Answer: B

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