Latest Real 9A0-148 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 1-10


Question 1

You have a requirement for an AIR 2 project that will support accessibility. Which class is designed to address this need?

A. MakeAccessible

B. AccessibilityImplementation

C. Address503C



Answer: B



Question 2

Which Flash player version should be used to incorporate AIR, drop shadows, and accessibility features?

A. Flash Player 10.

B. Flash Player 9.

C. Flash Player 8.

D. Flash Player 7.


Answer: A



Question 3

You want to create a desktop application that contains a local embedded SQL database. Which technology should you use?

A. Flash Player 10 swf application

B. Flash Player 10 projector application

C. AIR 1.1 application

D. Any version of the Flash Player will meet this requirement


Answer: C



Question 4

You want to distribute a component that you have built. Which library option allows you to do this?

A. Convert to Compiled Clip

B. Export SWC File

C. Export Flash Movie

D. Component Definition


Answer: B



Question 5

Which publish file format would be best for a dynamic Flash movie being delivered off the desktop?

A. Flash (.swf)

B. AIR (.air)

C. Flash Lite

D. Quicktime


Answer: B



Question 6

You have a requirement to make a mobile phone application for the Android 2.2 (FroYo) operating system. What are your options?

A. Applications can be created either for AIR or for any version of the Flash Player 9 or higher

B. Applications must be created for the AIR runtime, the Flash Player is not supported

C. Android does not allow Flash applications although Flash CS5 has the capability to create Android apps

D. Applications can be created either for AIR or for any version of the Flash Player 10.1 or higher


Answer: D



Question 7

You are using the new XFL file format. What would be a major benefit of using this approach?

A. The XFL format allows you to use your Flash based graphics in other Adobe design tools

B. XFL creates a folder with all of your file assets that could then be edited without the need for the Flash IDE

C. XFL converts your project to a single XML file that contains all of your assets and code

D. XFL is based on the ZIP standard and holds all of your Flash based code and timeline information


Answer: B



Question 8

Which statement about vector graphics is true?

A. Vector graphics perform better than bitmap graphics in Flash animations.

B. Flash Player 6 was the first Flash Player to support vector graphics.

C. Vector graphics describe images by using lines and curves.

D. Vector graphics are not supported in the Flash Player


Answer: C



Question 9

You want to import a resolution-independent image asset directly into Flash CS5. Which image asset type should you use?






Answer: A



Question 10

You want to use the same static graphic multiple times in an animation. Which image asset type should you use to optimize the animation?

A. Vector

B. Bitmap


D. Tween


Answer: B



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