Latest Real 9A0-148 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 11-20


Question 11

You’ve saved a file in the XFL file format. Which statement is true?

A. The XFL file will no longer be able to be edited in the Flash IDE

B. The file you would edit in a text editor will not have the name of the original Flash project

C. Saving to the new XFL format dramatically reduces the size of your file

D. Your file will be saved with your coding and timeline information but without assets


Answer: B



Question 12

You are saving a Flash document in Flash CS5. Which statement about Flash CS5 Documents (FLA) and Flash CS5 Uncompressed Documents (XFL) is true?

A. Both document types are binary files, but the XFL document type has a larger file size.

B. The XFL document type creates a folder with all sub files that make up the Flash file.

C. The XFL document is a zipped version of the FLA document.

D. The FLA is a binary document, the XFL document type is not.


Answer: B



Question 13

You have created a custom component in your Library panel. You would like this component to have parameters exposed in the Properties panel when it’s added to the stage. Which option in the Library panel allows you to add parameters to a custom component?

A. Convert to Compiled Clip

B. Export SWC File

C. Properties

D. Component Definition


Answer: D



Question 14

You want to change the property of a symbol from a graphic to a movie clip using the Library panel. What should you do?

A. Right-click (Ctrl-click) on the symbol within the Library’s preview window and choose Properties.

B. Click on the New Symbol icon found at the bottom of the Library panel.

C. Click on the Properties icon found at the bottom of the Library panel.

D. Click on the Options submenu and select Rename.


Answer: C



Question 15

You have created a rectangle primitive with rounded corners with different corner radii on each corner. What will result if you lock the corners in the rectangle options?

A. Once you have unlocked the corners, you must continue with that design method

B. Unlocking the corners will make any future changes happen keeping the current percentages

C. Once you have unlocked the corners, your rectangle will adjust to the default squared corners

D. Once you have unlocked the corners, all corners will adjust to match the top left corner radius


Answer: D



Question 16

You want to select all of the bones in an inverse kinematics armature. What should you do?

A. double-click a bone with the Selection tool

B. double-click a bone with the Bone tool

C. Control+click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) a bone with the Selection tool

D. Control+click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) a bone with the Bone tool


Answer: A



Question 17

What benefit would importing or exporting an FXG file give you?

A. The FXG format is not currently supported in Flash

B. It allows the ability for a graphic to be used across different companies software tools

C. The FXG format creates a non-editable file which can then be used in several Adobe tools

D. The FXG format is designed to allow editing in the design tools of the CS5 suite and text editors


Answer: D



Question 18

Which statement about the Text Layout Framework is true?

A. Requires Flash Player 10 or higher and supports OpenType, True Type and PostScript fonts

B. Requires Flash Player 9 or higher and Type 1 or Postscript Fonts

C. You can now create ligature spacing with the Flash text tool

D. You can create columns, span text, use ligatures


Answer: D



Question 19

You want text to flow from one field into another field automatically. Which type of text field must be used?

A. Classic Text

B. TLF Text

C. Outlines

D. It is not possible to flow text between text fields.


Answer: B



Question 20

You have a dynamic text field containing dynamic text on the stage. You have the text field rotated 30 degrees. When you test the SWF, the text in the text field disappears. What is causing the text to disappear?

A. Dynamic text fields cannot be rotated.

B. You must embed the font if you want to rotate a dynamic text field.

C. Text fields cannot be rotated beyond 20 degrees

D. The text field must be converted to a MovieClip before it can be rotated.


Answer: B



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