Latest Real 9A0-148 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 21-30


Question 21

You have a Flash CS5 project requiring the use of your corporate font. How would you assure that you have access to your corporate fonts in dynamic text if you don’t know whether the new Text Layout Framework or Classic Text would be used?

A. Fonts would have to be embedded in ActionScript

B. Fonts would need to be embedded on a per instance basis

C. Use the Font Embedding dialogue to add the font characters needed for the document

D. You must embed all font characters if you need to work with both text types


Answer: C



Question 22

What is a benefit of converting a bitmap to a movie clip instead of a graphic symbol?

A. Symbol instances can be reused without increasing file sizes

B. You can use display and filter options

C. The original bitmap is no longer required

D. Access to set Brightness, Tint and Alpha settings


Answer: D



Question 23

Which statement about converting a shape to a symbol is true?

A. The new symbol is automatically added to the Library.

B. Only a single shape can be converted to a symbol at one time.

C. The registration point of the new symbol is non-editable.

D. The new symbol is added to the Stage by dragging it from the Library.


Answer: A



Question 24

Which is a benefit of using a Button component over creating your own?

A. Access to advanced AS3 capabilities

B. 9-Slice Scaling is available

C. Button components are smaller in file size

D. Allows differently skinned buttons in a single document


Answer: B



Question 25

You have been experimenting with all the UI components in your current project to see what they would look like if used. What should be your first priority when moving forward with the components you have chosen to use?

A. Delete any components not being used from the stage

B. Delete all components not being used from the library

C. Assign instance names to the components you will be using

D. Delete unused instances from stage give instance names to used instances


Answer: B



Question 26

You are editing a component skin. What can you do to assure the visual results are what you desire?

A. Edit the skin and Preview at 100%

B. Edit the skin at as high a resolution as possible

C. Choose Edit>Maintain Fidelity

D. Edit the skin at 100% and Preview at highest magnification


Answer: A



Question 27

You have a TextArea component on the stage named myTextArea and a TextFormat object that sets color, font size and alignment named myTextFormat. What is the correct ActionScript to apply the TextFormat style to the Text Area?

A. myTextFormat.setStyle(“textFormat”, myTextArea);

B. myTextFormat.setStyleDefinition(“textFormat”, myTextArea);

C. myTextArea.setStyle(“textFormat”, myTextFormat);

D. myTextArea.setStyleDefinition(“textFormat”, myTextFormat);


Answer: C

What is the purpose of bitmap caching?

A. It is designed to benefit the rendering of complex vectors

B. It is designed to benefit the rendering of complex bitmaps

C. It allows for the optimization of bitmap images

D. It is no longer required in Flash Player 10 using AS3


Answer: A



Question 29

Which is a best practice when it comes to managing file size of external bitmap files?

A. Compress the bitmap file size and dimensions outside of Flash and then bring it onto Flash.

B. Bring the bitmap file into Flash and then reduce the JPEG quality within the Publish Settings dialog box.

C. Bring the bitmap file into Flash and then reduce the dimensions using the Free Transform tool.

D. Bring the bitmap file into Flash and then select Modify > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap.


Answer: A



Question 30

You want to draw a rectangle with rounded corners. What should you do?

A. Selecting the Rectangle Primitive tool and, while dragging on the stage, press the down-arrow before releasing the mouse button.

B. Clicking on the stage with the Deco tool and, while dragging on the stage, watch the corner radius change until you achieve the desired effect.

C. Selecting the Rectangle tool, selecting Round from the Cap drop-down menu and then dragging on the stage.

D. Selecting the PolyStar tool, dragging on the stage and changing the Star Point Size to zero.


Answer: A



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