Latest Real 9A0-148 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 41-50


Question 41

You have created a new Motion Tween and applied a default Motion Preset. How should you edit the tween? (Choose two).

A. Place the playhead on the timeline and drag your symbol on the stage.

B. Open the Motion Editor and make adjustments to the tween.

C. Right click the preset in the Motion Presets panel and choose Edit.

D. Choose Modify > Motion Preset.

E. Drag your tween into the Library.


Answer: AB



Question 42

Your client is concerned about accessibility to their video assets by third parties. How should you protect their video assets?

A. Serve the video using progressive download

B. Serve the video using Progressive download from an HTTPS connection

C. Stream the video from Flash Media Server

D. Stream the video from Flash Media Server with RTMPE


Answer: D



Question 43

Which statement about sound in Flash is true?

A. Event sounds play independently of the timeline and may continue to play even after the timeline stops progressing.

B. Event sounds play independently of the timeline, and will not continue to play if the timeline stops progressing.

C. Streaming sounds can play longer than the length of frames that the sound occupies.

D. If an animation can’t keep pace with a streaming sound, the sound will stop playing.


Answer: A



Question 44

You want to test the playback of a video on the stage with an FLVPlayback component without compiling your movie. What should you do?

A. Interact with the FLVPlayback as if it were in a SWF.

B. Extend the timeline frames for the instance.

C. Publish the SWF using the debug player.

D. This is not possible without publishing the FLA.

You have a video object that you want to stream to a video feed. Which ActionScript objects should you use?

A. Video and Sound

B. MovieClip and Loader

C. NetStream and Video

D. NetStream and NetConnection


Answer: D



Question 46

What statement about applying a filter to a Text object is true?

A. You must convert Text to a Movie Clip instance first

B. Filters are not supported for Text Objects

C. Filters convert the text to a bitmap to render filters

D. Filters are non-destructive and can be altered


Answer: D



Question 47

You have a MovieClip named myMoveClip and have defined an array of filters called arrFilter. Which ActionScipt will apply this array of filters to myMovieClip?

A. myMovieClip.filters.push(arrFilter);

B. myMovieClip.filters.shift(arrFilter);

C. myMovieClip.filters = [arrFilter];

D. myMovieClip.filters = arrFilter;


Answer: D



Question 48

Which two statements about the Text Layout Framework are true? (Choose two.)

A. TLF text can have 3D Rotation applied directly to it.

B. TLF text can flow across multiple text containers.

C. TLF text is supported by All Flash Player versions after 5.0.

D. TLF text is also referred to as Classic text.

E. TLF text does not support multi-column layouts.


Answer: AB



Question 49

Which statement about right-to-left text in the Flash Player is true?

A. You must use TLF text.

B. You must use Classic text.

C. Flash does not support right-to-left text.

D. You can publish to any version of Flash Player.


Answer: A



Question 50

You are adding cue points from the Cue Points panel in the Properties inspector. What type will they be?

A. ActionScript cue points.

B. Encoded cue points.

C. Event cue points.

D. Navigation cue points.


Answer: A



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