Latest Real 9A0-148 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 81-90


Question 81

You are debugging an application in Flash CS5 and want to view the properties of a MovieClip called myMC at a certain point in the application. What is the most efficient way to do this?

A. Set a breakpoint on the line where you want to see myMC’s properties and view them by expanding myMC in the Variables panel in the Debugger.

B. Set a breakpoint on the line where you want to see myMC’s properties, and then look for values of the myMC MovieClip in the Output panel.

C. Loop through myMC’s properties using a for … in loop and trace each of the properties out to the Output panel

D. Trace myMC using trace( myMC ); to show the values in the Output panel in the Debugger


Answer: A



Question 82

You are creating an AIR app and would like to create the initial values for placement, skin, icons and a description. Where should you make these entries?

A. Create New Adobe Air 2 FLA then File> Adobe Air 2 Settings

B. Create New AS3 FLA then File>Publish Settings>Air tab

C. Create New AS3 FLA then File> Adobe Air 2 Settings

D. These must be edited in the Adobe Air Descriptor file


Answer: A



Question 83

Using Flash CS5, how can you specify a code-signing certificate for your AIR application?

A. Choose File > Publish. In the Application & Installer Settings dialog’s Signature panel, specify a certificate and password

B. Choose File > Adobe AIR 2 Settings. In the Application & Installer Settings dialog, add the certificate in the Included Files field

C. Load a certificate file in the application’s constructor using either Loader or URLLoader

D. Copy and paste a certificate file into the zipped AIR package


Answer: A



Question 84

You have audio on your timeline. In the Properties panel, you have set the sync of each audio file to start. You want to adjust the sound quality in your Publish Settings. Which option in the Publish Settings will affect your audio?

A. JPEG Quality

B. Audio Stream

C. Audio Event

D. Include XMP


Answer: C



Question 85

You are loading an image into a SWF using the Loader class load method and are including a LoaderContext instance as a parameter. Under which circumstance should you set the LoaderContext instance’s checkPolicyFile property to true?

A. You are accessing the bitmap data of an image loaded from a domain outside the SWF’s domain

B. You are loading an image hosted on a web server outside of your network.

C. You are loading an image from a domain outside the SWF’s domain.

D. You are loading a PNG or JPEG image hosted on a web server outside of your network.


Answer: A



Question 86

Which method can be used to specify a cross domain policy file with a different name or file location than the default?

A. Security.loadPolicyFile

B. URLLoader.load

C. Security.allowDomain

D. ApplicationDomain.getDefinition


Answer: A



Question 87

You want to take advantage of hardware acceleration while using fullscreen mode for video Which statement about hardware acceleration is true?

A. Hardware acceleration works only on Windows 7 and Snow Leopard

B. They must have a DirectX 7 compatible video card with 4MB or more of Ram

C. The fullScreenTakeOver property must be set to false to allow it

D. All machines can now take advantage of hardware acceleration


Answer: B



Question 88

You want to use hardware acceleration during Flash’s full screen mode. What must you do before entering full screen mode?

A. Set the stage’s fullScreenSourceRect property to a Rectangle defining the area to show as full screen

B. Set the stage’s displayState property to StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE

C. Set the stage’s quality property to StageQuality.BEST

D. Set the Capabilities class’ hasScreenBroadcast property to true.


Answer: A



Question 89

Which scale mode will allow an SWF to scale without distorting the aspect ratio?

A. Exact fit

B. Show all

C. No scale

D. Maintain


Answer: B



Question 90

Which statement about Motion Presets is true?

A. They can only be used for x and y movement

B. They are only supported in Flash Player 10

C. They are not supported in Flash CS4

D. They can be exported and shared between users


Answer: D


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