Latest Real 9A0-154 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 11-20



Which Preferences category controls how much RAM is allocated for Premiere Pro?

A. General

B. Device Control

C. Memory

D. Player Settings


Answer: C




What happens when you select Default scale to frame size in the General category of Preferences dialog box?

A. The sequence will be automatically adjusted to fit the frame size of the clips

B. Clips will be automatically scaled to fit the frame size of the sequence

C. The Scale setting will be set to 100%

D. The Scale setting will NOT be manually adjustable


Answer: B




You use a Panasonic P2 video camera or a Sony XDCAM video camera. Which format is used to record the digital video and audio data from these video cameras?


B. QuickTime


D. MP4


Answer: A




Which command should you choose to substitute a high-resolution asset for a low-resolution copy?

A. File > Import

B. File > Adobe Dynamic Link

C. Clip > Replace Footage

D. Clip > Synchronize


Answer: C




Which two features are true for editing in native tapeless formats, such as DSLR Cameras, Red, XDCAM etc? (Choose two.)

A. You don’t need to transcode.

B. They have to be backed up before use.

C. You need a supported video card for the Mercury Engine to work.

D. You can edit directly from the card.


Answer: A,D




Which is true when working with tapeless formats such as DSLR cameras, AVCHD, XDCAM, RED, and P2?

A. Assets must be copied to a hard drive from the camera or storage card before editing or previewing

B. Assets are transcoded or rewrapped into an different format before editing

C. Assets can be edited directly without transcoding or rewrapping

D. Assets are imported via the Capture dialog


Answer: C




Which statement about importing a native tapeless asset, such as AVCHD, is true?

A. Transferring an AVCHD asset takes longer than capturing.

B. Capturing an AVCHD asset preserves all of its metadata.

C. You can add an AVCHD asset to a project without capturing it.

D. Native tapeless and non-tapeless AVCHD assets cannot be combined in the same project.


Answer: C




Which is an advantage of using the Media Browser instead of the Import dialog box to import files into a Premiere Pro project?

A. The Media Browser allows you to import files directly from storage cards and copy them to a local hard drive simultaneously.

B. The Media Browser allows you to import more than one file at a time, while the Import file dialog box does not.

C. Unlike the Import dialog box, the Media Browser can be left open, and docked, like any other panel.

D. You can double-click a file in the Media Browser to open it in the Timeline.


Answer: C




Which is an advantage of using the Media Browser to import files into a Premiere Pro project?

A. The Media Browser assembles the relevant files into coherent clips, and does not import irrelevant non-media files sometimes found in the folders of tapeless media.

B. The Media Browser imports all files found in the folders of tapeless media, regardless of file type.

C. When you import a clip Premiere Pro will automatically create an archive copy.

D. The Media Browser allows you to retain all metadata when capturing tape-based media into Premiere Pro.


Answer: A




Click the Exhibit button.


When capturing footage from a DV tape, which button on the Capture panel shown should you press to enable Scene Detect?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D


Answer: D



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