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You have animated a graphic using position keyframes. You want the graphic to move at a constant speed and then slow to a stop. What keyframe interpolation method should you apply to the last position keyframe?

A. Temporal interpolation > Ease In

B. Temporal interpolation > Ease Out

C. Spatial interpolation > Linear

D. Spatial interpolation > Bezier


Answer: A




You notice a light color tint in the highlights of a video clip. Which control of the Fast Color Corrector effect lets you specify an area to remove the tint?

A. Auto White Level

B. Input White Level

C. White Balance

D. Black level eye dropper


Answer: C




You want to make the shadow values in a clip darker. Which control of the Fast Color Corrector effect should you use?

A. Input Black Level

B. Input White Level

C. Output Black Level

D. Output White Level


Answer: A




Which option of the Fast Color Corrector effect simultaneously makes the highlights in a clip appear brighter and shadows appear darker?

A. Auto Black Level

B. Auto White Level

C. Auto Contrast

D. White Balance


Answer: C




Which function in the Fast Color Corrector effect would be useful for removing a color cast?

A. Saturation

B. Auto White Level

C. White Balance

D. Input Levels




Which statement about the Effects Control panel is true?

A. adjusting the location of the cut and the transition at the same time

B. changing the default transition for all transitions currently in the sequence

C. lengthening the duration of all transitions currently in the sequence at one time

D. switching a double-sided transition to a single-sided transition


Answer: A




You have applied a transition between two clips. You want to see the original end of the first clip unaffected by the transition. What option in the Effect Controls tab should you choose?

A. Alignment: Center at Cut

B. Alignment: Start at Cut

C. Alignment: End at Cut

D. Alignment: Custom Start


Answer: B




In which does the Mercury Playback Engine natively work?

A. in 32 bit

B. in 64 bit

C. on a PC

D. on a Mac


Answer: B




Which statement about the Mercury Playback Engine is true?

A. It accelerates any video card.

B. It supports CUDA.

C. It supports DirectCompute.

D. It supports OpenCL only.

E. It requires a firmware upgrade to work on you existing video card.


Answer: B




Which is used to support the advantages of the Mercury Playback Engine?

A. Increased hard drive speed and RAID hard drive configurations.

B. Multi-threading and multi-processing.

C. Legacy video cards.

D. Hard drive caching.


Answer: B



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