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How many modes are supported by the Mercury Playback Engine?

A. 1 ModE.Hardware GPU/CUDA

B. 1 ModE.Software 64 bit Playback

C. 2 Modes: 32 & 64 bit Playback

D. 2 Modes: 64 Bit Software playback and Hardware GPU/CUDA


Answer: D




Which statement about the Mercury Playback Engine is true?

A. It is hardware based only.

B. It is software based only.

C. It can use both software and hardware acceleration simultaneously.

D. It can be switched between hardware and software acceleration, but CANNOT use both simultaneously.


Answer: C




You have created a line of point text for a title. What happens when you drag the right corner handle?

A. the text wraps

B. the origin point of the text is repositioned

C. the text scales

D. the text reflows into a hidden text box


Answer: C




What should you do in the Text Properties panel if you want to make the characters in your title narrower?

A. Set the Aspect property greater than 100.

B. Set the Aspect property less than 100.

C. Set the Tracking property greater than 0.

D. Set the Tracking property less than 0.


Answer: B




Click the Exhibit button.


In the Titler window you have a series of boxes as shown in screen A. What command should you apply so they look like screen B?

A. Title > Align Objects > Horizontal Left

B. Title > Align Objects > Horizontal Right

C. Title > Distribute Objects > Horizontal Left

D. Title > Distribute Objects > Horizontal Right


Answer: A




Click the Exhibit button.


In the Titler window shown, which attributes of the number 2 were modified between text block A and text block B?

A. Font size and tracking

B. Font size and leading

C. Font size and baseline shift

D. Font size and underline


Answer: C




Which statement about creating a static title is true?

A. You can only have one title at a time open in the Titler.

B. Titles open in the Source Monitor, not the Titler.

C. You can create a new title based on the title currently open in the Titler.

D. Clicking a title in the Project panel opens it in the Titler for editing.


Answer: C




Which statement about creating a static title is true?

A. Adobe Premiere Pro saves all titles as independent files separate from the project file.

B. Commands for working with titles are found under the Clip and Sequence menus.

C. You can load only one title at a time into the Titler.

D. If you want to use a title in another project, you must first open its project and export the title using the File > Export > Title command.


Answer: D




Where can a Rolling title have its timing adjusted – such as starting off screen or easing into it¡¯s motion?

A. Title Menu > Roll/Crawl Options

B. Title Panel> Panel Menu

C. Neither A nor B

D. Both A and B


Answer: D




Which text tool should you use to create the text box for a rolling title?

A. Type tool

B. Vertical Type tool

C. Area Type tool

D. Path Type tool


Answer: C



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