Latest Real 9A0-154 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 71-80



What happens to the current content in the Titler when you apply a new template?

A. The template’s content replaces any content currently in the Titler.

B. The template’s content merges with the content currently in the Titler.

C. The current content in the Titler remains unchanged.

D. The current content is moved to a separate title.


Answer: A




Which statement about creating Title Templates is true?

A. Templates can’t be modified.

B. Individual elements can be rotated.

C. The background video has to be visible.

D. Photoshop has to be the start point for templates.


Answer: B




Which statement about the audio mixer is true?

A. Once a track is created, you can¡¯t change the number of channels it uses.

B. You cannot rename the tracks in the audio mixer.

C. You can mix as many tracks of audio in a sequence as your computer system can handle.

D. An audio track must be created before an audio clip can be added to a sequence.


Answer: C




Which audio preference specifies the time in the Audio Mixer for an effect property to return to its initial value?

A. Linear keyframe thinning

B. Minimum time interval thinning

C. Automatch Time

D. Default track format


Answer: C




For which scenario would you create a submix track in the audio mixer?

A. you want to fix distortion across multiple tracks

B. you want to apply many different audio effects to a single clip

C. you want to apply the same effect to many clips in a single track

D. you want to apply the same effect to several tracks at once


Answer: D




To what do the titles of the audio tracks in the audio mixer panel correspond?

A. Only the track titles in the audio mixer panel

B. The track titles in the audio mixer panel and the timeline audio tracks

C. The audio mixer tracks, the audio tracks on the timeline and linked video tracks

D. The titles are temporary each time the audio mixer is opened


Answer: B




Click the Exhibit button.


Which submenu option in the Source panel was used to change the way information is displayed in the current time display and the duration display as shown?

A. Audio Waveform

B. Display Both Fields

C. Show Audio Time Units

D. Playback Settings


Answer: C




You are viewing the Timeline in audio units. How far ahead does the Current Time Indicator move when you click the Step Forward button?

A. one audio sample

B. one frame

C. one second

D. one wavelength


Answer: A




Where is text captured by the transcribe to text feature stored?

A. an attached text file

B. embedded back into the original media file

C. as XMP metadata

D. as a plaintext RTF file


Answer: C




Which improves the accuracy of speech to text conversion in Premiere Pro?

A. a reference script

B. using timecode based editing

C. the amount of RAM in your machine

D. looped playback


Answer: A



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