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An audio recording has several participants. You are using Speech analysis to transcribe the text automatically. What should you do to create separate speech metadata for each person?

A. in the Analyze Content dialog box, select Face Detection

B. in the Analyze Content dialog box, select Identify Speakers

C. in the Analyze Content dialog box, un-select Face Detection

D. in the Analyze Content dialog box, add a Reference Script


Answer: B




You have a mono clip you want to add to an existing timeline. There are no mono tracks on the timeline. You want to add the clip to the timeline without creating any new tracks, and the audio should play from both the left and right channels. You have the clip selected in the Project panel. What should you do?

A. Clip > Audio Options > Breakout to Mono

B. Clip > Modify > Audio Channels > Mono

C. Clip > Modify > Audio Channels > Stereo

D. Clip > Modify > Audio Channels > Mono as Stereo


Answer: D




By default, track output is routed to which track?

A. the master track

B. the LFE effects track

C. the submix track

D. the mono track


Answer: A




Which statement about working with 5.1 audio in Premiere Pro is true?

A. Your editing system must support 5.1 audio.

B. 5.1 audio can only be edited using Audio Time Units.

C. A mono track can be panned to any speaker.

D. 5.1 audio CANNOT be part of a submix.


Answer: C




Click the Exhibit button.


Which icon allows you to adjust the LFE (subwoofer) channel level in a 5.1 surround mix?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D


Answer: B




Which is the best format to choose in the Export Settings dialog box to create a video on Apple iPod and 3GPP cell phones?

A. FLV | F4V

B. H.264

C. QuickTime



Answer: B




You want to create a self-contained video file that matches the frame rate, frame size, and codec of your sequence settings. Which option in the Export Settings dialog box should you choose?

A. Match Sequence Settings

B. QuickTime

C. Use Maximum Render Quality

D. Use Previews


Answer: A




Which Format setting in the Export Settings dialog box would be most appropriate for use when you want to display video on a cell phone with the Android OS?

A. MP3

B. QuickTime

C. Microsoft AVI

D. H.264


Answer: D




Which bitrate encoding method produces the highest image quality with the smallest file size?


B. VBR, 1 Pass

C. VBR, 2 Pass

D. Use Maximum Render Quality


Answer: C




Which Format Option in the Export Settings dialog box should you select when creating video content for playback in Flash Player?

A. QuickTime

B. P2 Movie

C. FLV | F4V

D. Targa


Answer: C

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