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Which statement can be used to count the number of instances of a subform?

A. Table1.Row1.instanceManager.index

B. Table1.Row1.instanceManager.count

C. Count (Table1.Row1)

D. Table1.Row1. instanceManager.max


Answer: B




A form has been created to allow the end user to dynamically add table rows by clicking on a button. The appropriate script has been added for this functionality but when the button is clicked, no rows are added to the table. What is the problem?

A. The pagination properties for the table row are not set correctly

B. The Auto-fit height property for the table row is not set correctly

C. The form needs to be saved as a static Adobe XML Form (*.xdp)

D. The table row needs to have the Repeat Row for Each Data Item property enabled


Answer: D




What is the purpose of marking a subform as an Insertion Point?

A. This should be done when a positioned subform will be wrapped inside of a flowed subform

B. This should be done when a new master page needs to be associated with a subform

C. This should be done when a fragment is going to be inserted into the form using LiveCycle Assembler

D. This should be done when the subform contains dynamic content


Answer: C




What would be a reason for setting a conditional break on a subform?

A. When you need to have an overflow trailer on the form

B. When you have repeating data, you can start a new page in response to a change in the value of the repeated data

C. When the subform is going to be a referenced object

D. When a positioned subform will be wrapped inside of a flowed subform


Answer: B




When should a subform set be used?

A. When you want to display multiple subforms next to each other

B. When you want the user to be able to enter data into multiple subforms

C. When you don’t want to display a subform if there is no data associated with the subform

D. When XML data will be merged into the subform


Answer: C




You want to create a form that will display one of two subforms based upon the data being merged into the form. What should you do?

A. Write script to access the data DOM and hide/show the subforms as needed

B. Set the binding properties for the subforms

C. Use the instanceManager to control the display of the subforms

D. Wrap these subforms in a choice subform set and create an appropriate expression


Answer: D




Which statement about the script object is true?

A. The script object supports both JavaScript and FormCalc

B. A form can contain only one script object

C. The script object only supports script set to Run at Client

D. A script object’s functions can be accessed by Action Builder


Answer: D




Which feature in Designer allows you to add interactive functionality without writing script?

A. Action Builder

B. Template Manager

C. Guide Builder

D. Script Editor


Answer: A




Which two objects allow you to add Actions using Action Builder? (Choose two.)

A. Subform

B. Text Field

C. List Box

D. Table

E. Signature Field


Answer: BC




You are setting the Condition in Action Builder. You want to set multiple conditions. Which statement is true?

A. You can only create a single condition

B. You can only create OR conditions

C. You can create AND/OR conditions

D. You can only create AND conditions


Answer: C



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