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You want to create a form where the text fields change color when the user tabs into them. What should you do?

A. Create a custom text field object with JavaScript on the enter event

B. Add JavaScript on the enter event of the page level subform and select the Enable Event Propagation option

C. Create a form fragment with a single text field

D. Add JavaScript on the enter event of the page level subform and set the Run At property to Client and Server


Answer: B




Which statement will make the TextField1 object on a form read only?

A. TextField1.access=”readOnly”

B. TextField1.readOnly=”true”

C. setReadOnly(TextField1)

D. TextField1.type=”readOnly”


Answer: A




Which visual indicator in the Script Editor is used to show that script is associated with an event?

A. An asterisk (*) is beside the name of the event

B. The event name is in bold

C. The event name is in italics

D. The event name color changes to red


Answer: A




What is the best way to view all scripts that have been written on a form?

A. Use Action Builder to view all the scripts in the form

B. View the form properties

C. View the XML source

D. Select the root node in the hierarchy and select Show Events with Scripts in the script editor


Answer: D




Which statement should be used to remove an object from the layout?

A. ObjectName.presence = “invisible”

B. ObjectName.presence = “hidden”

C. ObjectName.hidden = “true”

D. ObjectName.invisble = “true”


Answer: B




A subform named sub1 contains an unnamed subform. A text field named TextField1 is a child of the unnamed subform. Which JavaScript statement must be used to access the value entered into TextField1?

A. sub1.TextField1.rawValue

B. sub1.TextField1.value

C. sub1.#subform.TextField1.rawValue

D. sub1.child.TextField1.rawValue


Answer: A




Which statement should be used in the change event of a dropdown list to access the value the user just selected?

A. dropdownlist.rawValue

B. xfa.event.newText

C. xfa.event.change

D. dropdownlist.selectedIndex


Answer: B




A form has a table with multiple rows. What is the best way to access the value of a column named cost in the third row by using JavaScript?

A. Table1.Row1[2].cost.rawValue

B. Table1.Row1[2].cost

C. resolveNode(“Table1.Row1[2].cost”).rawValue

D. resolveNode(“Table1.Row1[2].cost”).value


Answer: C




Which statement can be used to output messages to the JavaScript Console?

A. console.println(“The value is: ” + NumericField1.rawValue)

B.“The value is: ” + NumericField1.rawValue)

C. console (“The value is: ” + NumericField1.rawValue)

D.“The value is: ” + NumericField1.rawValue)


Answer: A




Which event should contain script to determine how many pages are in a form?

A. form:ready

B. layout:ready

C. initialize

D. calculate


Answer: B



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