Latest Real 9A0-164 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 131-140


Question 131

You want to download quiz templates for your Captivate project. What should you do?

Choose File > Download Quiz Templates

B. Choose Quiz > Download Quiz Templates

C. Choose Project > Quiz Templates

D. Choose Insert > Quiz Templates


Answer: B



Question 132

You are creating a quiz using a quiz template. You want to add one more multiple-choice question slides to it. What is the most effective way to do this?

Add a blank slide, copy all the objects from the existing multiple choice question slide and paste it to the new slide.

B. Add a blank slide and apply the multiple choice master slide to it.

C. Duplicate the multiple choice question slide.

D. Click Quiz > Question Slide and add a multiple choice question slide.


Answer: C



Question 133

You want to include a variable in your project that will capture your user’s name and display the name throughout the lesson. Which type of variable should you use?


B. Advanced Action

C. User-defined

D. Movie Meta Data


Answer: C



Question 134

You have inserted a user-defined variable in your screen. Upon previewing the project you notice that only a few characters of the user input are displayed on the screen. How should you resolve this issue?

Increase the maximum length of the variable.

B. Increase the text caption size.

C. Add some blank space before the variable.

D. Add some blank space after the variable.


Answer: A



Question 135

Which property of a variable CANNOT be updated or edited?

Variable name

B. Value

C. Description

D. Both Value and Description


Answer: A



Question 136

You want the current slide number to show at the top of the screen at all times. What should you do? (Choose two.)

In the General Settings of the Preferences dialog, select Show Slide Number.

B. Insert the system variable $$cpInfoCurrentSlide$$ in a text caption on the first slide and set it to show for the rest of the project.

C. In the Skin Editor, uncheck each feature except Slide Number.

D. Use the Menu option to show the current slide number.

E. Insert the system variable $$cpInfoCurrentSlide$$ in a text caption on the master slide.


Answer: B,E



Question 137

You are creating a custom result slide and want to display the total points scored, the percentage obtained, and the status of the quiz. Which option has the correct list of variables in the correct order?

$$cpQuizInfoPointsScored$$, $$cpQuizInfoPassPoints$$, $$cpInfoPercentage$$

B. $$cpQuizInfoPointsScored$$, $$cpInfoPercentage$$, $$cpQuizInfoPassFail$$

C. $$cpQuizInfoPassPoints$$, $$cpInfoPercentage$$, $$cpQuizInfoPassFail$$

D. $$cpQuizInfoPointsScored$$, $$cpQuizInfoPercentage$$, $$cpQuizInfoPassFail$$


Answer: B



Question 138

Which edit operations CANNOT be performed inside the Advanced Actions dialog?

Insert and delete a line.

B. Duplicate an action.

C. Convert a standard action to conditional action.

D. Move a line up or down.


Answer: C



Question 139

In conditional actions, how should you write a statement such as: if (variable1 is equal to 1 AND variable2 is equal to 2 OR variable3 is equal to 3)?

Under Perform Action If, choose Custom.

B. Under Perform Action If, choose All Conditions are True.

C. Under Perform Action If, choose Any of the Conditions are True.

D. Under Perform Action If, choose None of the Conditions are True.


Answer: A



Question 140

Which action is NOT included in the Properties Inspector, but can be used in Advanced Actions?


B. Expression

C. E-mail

D. Assign


Answer: B



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